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The Legend of Percy: Book 1 - Finding Purpose by LookingUpToTheStars
The Legend of Percy: Book 1 - Find...by LookingUpToTheStars
Percy lands in the world of Avatar the Last Airbender. With no Annabeth to help him and a lot going on around, will Percy cope? Might he cause or prevent big things from...
Dance of flames (Malereader X ty lee) by ginrip
Dance of flames (Malereader X ty l...by Ginrip
In this story, you are a powerful firebender being an adopted child of Iroh in Azula's little group, You desire world peace by any mean's necessary Fair warning art use...
The Dual Bender by LoveBhabie
The Dual Benderby Yuppers
"Tonight we celebrate my daughters 16th birthday, Princess Yue! And also the arrival of the Avatar! May he find his Chei and save the world! We also have a new Wate...
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𝙗𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙗𝙧𝙞𝙙𝙜𝙚𝙨 » sokka {1} by caramellight
𝙗𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙗𝙧𝙞𝙙𝙜𝙚𝙨 » so...by alex
─── ゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚ ─── ❝ SHE IS BOTH, HELLFIRE AND HOLY WATER. AND THE FLAVOR YOU TASTE DEPENDS ON HOW YOU TREAT HER ❞ TOP RANKINGS! #1 - thechosenone #1 - tlok #2 - av...
Born Lucky [1] Zuko by aliengrls
Born Lucky [1] Zukoby hiatus
Azula and Zuko have always been competitive with each other. When it comes to Uzume, it's no different. - starts in Book 2: Earth zuko x fem!oc slight azula x fem!oc cre...
Avatar: The Last Airbender/LoK (FxF) Imagines - Part 2 by SimpleTimes1
Avatar: The Last Airbender/LoK (Fx...by StepOnMeKDLL
Part 2 of the first book. Feel free to request in the 'Request Page' or on the latest chapter. All characters are 18+
Azula's Recovery - Avatar: TLA by missbirdie4
Azula's Recovery - Avatar: TLAby Miss Birdie
3 years after the end of the series, Zuko brings Azula home. It isn't easy but with time, Azula is able to heal, and find family and friends. *** So I really love this s...
Agni Kai [2] Zuko by aliengrls
Agni Kai [2] Zukoby hiatus
Uzume makes a choice to leave behind her loved ones and decides to not be on the wrong side of the war. - Book 3: Fire Book 2 of Uzume Zuko x fem!oc credit to the creat...
The Legend of Percy: Book 2 - Through Grief by LookingUpToTheStars
The Legend of Percy: Book 2 - Thro...by LookingUpToTheStars
Sequel to The Legend of Percy: Book 1 - Finding Purpose What will Azula and the Fire Nation do to deal with this waterbending, earthshaking, storm-creating mystery? With...
Kataang | Till death due us part by eqhemera1
Kataang | Till death due us partby anna 𖤐
5 years after the war ended the Avatar team are living a normal life. Katara thinks her love for Aang is one sided, but their love story is just beginning. This story i...
Peacekeeping- Zuko x Reader by Dovelover213
Peacekeeping- Zuko x Readerby Nia
I am Y/N. A girl born in the Fire Nation with the ability to bend three elements and a strong spiritual connection. I was meant to be used as a weapon to destroy the Ava...
avatar gc  by chicklenms
avatar gc by 😐
ty lee adds zuko, katara, aang, toph, azula, sokka, suki, and mai into a gc just bc she misses all of them
First burn by skittle724
First burnby Skittle724<3
They never remembered each other when they where young, she was just some girl with her family visiting his home, he was just some boy who was there. But years later whe...
Izuku the Shirai Ryu Firebender by PauloGamenha
Izuku the Shirai Ryu Firebenderby Paulo Ricardo
Izuku had a rough life. He was bullied by other people and neglected by his family. All of this because he was quirkless. Then he had enough and ran away. In the way he...
The spirit of the Ocean (Avatar x Male Reader) by Iain74
The spirit of the Ocean (Avatar x...by A guy that writes
A young boy named (Y/N) who was touched by the Ocean Spirit at birth making him incredibly skilled at Waterbending lived in the Northern Watertribe until the age of 8 w...
High School Mess- Avatar High school AU by Why_am_I_here-
High School Mess- Avatar High scho...by Why am I here?
An ATLA modern AU in high school, where Aang is an extroverted band kid, Katara is an organized preppy kid that's part of every club, Sokka is a nerdy art kid, Zuko is a...
Avatar: The Last Airbender Oneshots (X Reader) by girlinthegladenation
Avatar: The Last Airbender Oneshot...by ~piper~
this is a collection of one shots from the world of avatar the last Airbender. feel free to comment character requests and/or a cute scenario I could incorporate into th...
forgiveness- tyzula by potatogirl6969
forgiveness- tyzulaby inactive
"you're blushing ty lee." "it's hard not to be blushing when you're sitting on top of me azula." modernish au in which azula is almost fully recovere...
Beauty in the Beast (Zutara) by Missxcocoa
Beauty in the Beast (Zutara)by Missxcocoa
Zuko, son of the uprising and powerful mafia his grandfather had cultivated for him, finds himself entangled with the daughter of the very detective hellbent on taking t...
Going Through Fire and Water [ATLA FF/ Zuko] by RoboSanz
Going Through Fire and Water [ATLA...by RoboSanz
Jasmine's life turned upside down after she and her siblings had found a strange boy frozen in an iceberg who later revealed himself as the Avatar. When Jasmine thought...