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Moonlit Waves (Vaporeon x Umbreon) by Sir_Egios
Moonlit Waves (Vaporeon x Umbreon)by TheMonsterHunter
Wave, for as long as he can remember, has lived in Sunspire Town. Life is normal and calm, and that's how Wave likes it. But when a family of eeveelutions move into town...
A Vacation, an Adventure, and the Story of a Lifetime by LunaLovesPokemon
A Vacation, an Adventure, and Luna the Space Fox
[Pokemon OC Story] After spending years on her Pokemon Journey, Luna is ecstatic to learn her mother got them a vacation to the Alola region. Loving the sand, the sea, t...
The Champion Stage {Path of the Aura Ranger: Book III} by kurenohikari
The Champion Stage {Path of the kurenohikari
Ash has finally achieved his dream. He was a Pokemon Master. Three times over! He was an Ace Ranger Captain, who had saved Unova and Kalos from perdition. Not to mention...
Thunder and Ice (Jolteon x Glaceon) {Pokemon} by Pokefics_Collections
Thunder and Ice (Jolteon x Pokemon Fanfics
Sugarcane Forest. It's home to a timid, self-conscious Glaceon, a manipulative Luxray, and a quirky Jolteon that's new to these trees. After moving, Thunder never expect...
The Spark in the Snow by Thominasaus
The Spark in the Snowby Thomiña
This is a love story between a glaceon and a jolteon. (And maybe between other eeveelutions, but to find that out I'm afraid you're gonna have to read my book😅). This b...
Fairy Tail Eeveelution by KindredHikari
Fairy Tail Eeveelutionby KindredHikari
Elena is a Pokémon trainer who wants something better in life. Being the champion of the Kalos region was fun at first, but now it's just a burden to her life. She wants...
Eeveelution Squad Truth Or Dare by MagmaPlayz09
Eeveelution Squad Truth Or Dareby MagmaPlayz09
Ribbons: If you're reading this, help us by giving this book dares or ask anything, but nothing too crazy. - ES belongs to @PKM-150 Flame: I'm sorry Ribbons...
Eeveelution Expert (Leon x Fem!Reader) by JackInABoxx
Eeveelution Expert (Leon x Fem! Katrina
(Name), older sister of twins Victor and Gloria, moves back home to Galar after a long few years studying in the Kalos region. She eventually decides to take on the Gym...
Eeveelution squad rewriten  by Blueant56
Eeveelution squad rewriten by Blueant56
This is the story of Eeveelution squad rewriten in a way that it fixes the flaws that Zero's original story had. I will change this, such as the berserk virus and how it...
Evolution by Drako52
Evolutionby Draco
When a Jolteon who has survived on his own from the age of four is finally accepted by a single friend, he is forced into a fate he never wanted. When a hidden force thr...
The Fellowship's Mascot by Mum_Fairy87
The Fellowship's Mascotby Amber Falk
Does a team of Ring Destroyers really need a mascot? Meh! Who truly knows! They got one anyway, in the form of their 10th member, who is a surprising species. And Amber...
In the Spotlight 2: Jade's Sinnoh Journey by NerdyFalcon
In the Spotlight 2: Jade's NerdyFalcon
Sequel to In the Spotlight Jade is now in the Sinnoh Region, wanting to one day face an old friend of hers in a proper contest battle. Join Jade in her new journey as sh...
Ribbons Of Love - Sylveon X Jolteon by BlitzFireBall
Ribbons Of Love - Sylveon X Jolteonby Blitz
"What happened?" Being a Sylveon, she had expected it all to work out because there was no reason not to. But then, finding out that her fiancé had cheated on...
Pokémon: Never Forget ✔ (Complete)  by EeveeLover22
Pokémon: Never Forget ✔ (Complete) by ※「Dalmationi」※
【Pokémon Wattys 2019 Winner】 <Heavily edited since October 2019> Ash's Pikachu somehow ends up involved in a huge misunderstanding after he momentarily escapes from his...
Umbreon x jolteon gay by UmbreonXespeonUwU
Umbreon x jolteon gayby UmbreonxjolteonUwU
Title says it all. This is a love story between two school boys. One being Spark the jolteon who is good friends with a flareon named Red and the other being Dark the Um...
Iconshipping: Type Reluctant by SinningFlame
Iconshipping: Type Reluctantby SinningFlame
*Going Through Major editing* "You can be a Pikachu..." "You can be energy.." "But I'll love you either way.." *First ever story* In a tra...
Eeveelution Five (Season One) by SinningFlame
Eeveelution Five (Season One)by SinningFlame
"We love you both to no end. We'll always love you... 'Till the very end." Spark, a 15 year old in an advanced version in the Pokémon world where Pokémon live...
ES: Speezuli by Protont
ES: Speezuliby Protont
This is an AU of Eeveelotion squad which is a comic created by EV-Zero. This is my AU of Eeveelotion Squad. This Au focuses mostly SpeedxLazuli(and little bit of other s...
Frenzy (REBOOT) (Pokémon Danganronpa) by BlueStrike
Frenzy (REBOOT) (Pokémon 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊
15 innocent Pokemon are transferred into a mysterious, abandoned mansion where they discover that no matter what they can do, they cannot escape. However, a certain Brai...
Ask/Dare the Eeveelutions! by Slushyarchived
Ask/Dare the Eeveelutions!by Nat ∝
I've seen so many of these on wattpad, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make one myself! The eeveelutions are as follows: Angelica- Eevee Comet- Jolteon Storm...