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The Unbreakable Vow: wisps of Black | Fred Weasley [1] ✔ by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
The Unbreakable Vow: wisps of Blac...by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
At the beginning of the school year in 1993 there was a storm. In that storm was a castle. In that castle were students. Among those students were Lee Jordan and Fred an...
Charlotte Dubois and the Unforgettable Summer by CharDubois
Charlotte Dubois and the Unforgett...by That Gryffindor Girl
The story starts the day of the Leaving Feast at the end of 5th year. Everyone is packing up their suitcases to take home prior to the feast.
Veins ⋆ Draco Malfoy (.5) by casuaIIy
Veins ⋆ Draco Malfoy (.5)by 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆, 𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒆
❝I will be my own hell, because there is a devil inside my body.❞ half-blood prince r. allen series | .5 ...
Crybaby by mydaddydraco123
Crybabyby Daddy draco
Will a hate that is so strong cause love
Broken Truth by turtlesnape
Broken Truthby Loki.Potter
Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are sworn enemies. But it turns out that Hermione's parents are hiding not one.. but two secrets from her. 1) she is actually a Zabini...
HUSH//Dramione Fanfiction. by pinkwaay
HUSH//Dramione Fanfiction.by pinkwaay
The war is over. Voldemort is gone, but there is still unrest. Love cannot be forced, but eternal partnership with someone you don't love can be. It's a good thing Hermi...
Always  |Rewrite In Progress| by hiraethzones
Always |Rewrite In Progress|by Hazel
A Wattpad Featured Story. Alice Norewood was her name. Potterhead was her identity. Being a Fangirl is awesome, cool and proud, but depressing at the same time. Meet Ali...
Unbreakable; DISCONTINUED by Mianna1422
Unbreakable; DISCONTINUEDby Mianna1422
When Avalon Berken, a sixth year Scottish witch, receives a letter with a place and time, she follows what it says. A mysterious man forces her to make a big decision, w...