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Killing the Mood by ZeroTVoid
Killing the Moodby Zero Time Void
Reincarnated as Killer Sans but a bit different. First getting reborn and then thrown into a trap AU. Too bed the MC is a genius. (Pun intantional) How that works while...
Just my Luck by ZeroTVoid
Just my Luckby Zero Time Void
I died. I thought hey at least I got reincarnated and have a second change to be happy. Only then I noticed I couldn't leave and even worse I was alone. Heh, this has to...
The Voices in the Anti-VOID by thegoldencatwithapen
The Voices in the Anti-VOIDby Tired But Not Sleepy
A book where you are the voices in Error's Anti-VOID. An F!GoD story. Enjoy, you menaces. Be kind to Erry!
Belle of the Night (Nightmare Sans x Fem Reader) by PandatheSeahorse111
Belle of the Night (Nightmare Sans...by Val Your Pal
Based off of Beauty and the Beast. You are living a quiet life when you are forced to flee into a forest to escape a forced marriage. While running, you stumble across a...
New "Brother" for Nightmare (Reincarnated as Dream) by ZeroTVoid
New "Brother" for Nightmare (Reinc...by Zero Time Void
Once upon a star a wish was heard. "I wish I had a brother who would understand me, who would be on my side, who wouldn't betray me" But sadly the multiverse d...
My Friend Over the Phone by Solaire14911
My Friend Over the Phoneby Are you in pain? Because I'm...
[This book is currently under revision, so some chapters are currently unpublished! I am currently fixing a bunch of stuff with the book that I personally didn't like, s...
The Collection (Nightmare's Squad) by TYRANN0S
The Collection (Nightmare's Squad)by TYRANN0S
What does the Lord of Negativity do when he finds out there are Alternate Universes? He collects minions of course! Read through to find how nightmare selected his stron...
Do You Get It? by antisocialworm13
Do You Get It?by antisocialworm13
"This is how it came to be. And now I can finally show you." I say to...myself? "Error, there is no time for this!" Ink screams at me. It's weird bei...
Sans x Frisk Short Stories by Ally_Sato
Sans x Frisk Short Storiesby Lille Ally Sato
Want to hear my crazy stories about my OTP? This is a book filled with it. I present to you my one-shots of Sans x Frisk!
Undertale AU Short Stories by _1SelfDestruct1_
Undertale AU Short Storiesby _1SelfDestruct1_
This is a collection of various Undertale AU oneshots/short stories. Every chapter contains fluff, angst, ships, and more! I will be taking requests: Any AU, any ships...
Found in Hidden Darkness by antisocialworm13
Found in Hidden Darknessby antisocialworm13
It doesn't just take a mind to be creative. There is saying that states "The artist has to put his whole soul into something for it to be considered good art."...
Dice of Fate by CaperCookie
Dice of Fateby CaperCookie
Ink finds a mysterious board game and decides that he should invite the AUs' Sanses to play the game. Well Ink is an idiot. Disclaimer I own no character unless I specif...
路.:Finding Hope:.路 Crossmare by Silky_Haida
路.:Finding Hope:.路 Crossmareby EmotionalArtist
The multiverse is huge, filled with so many creative things, But also great evil. Hero's and villains fight! Hero's get praise and glory, hot babes to hook up with as w...
A story about Blueberror ( Rare updates ) by M1ntyc00k1es
A story about Blueberror ( Rare up...by Mintycookies
It's a story about one of my favorite sanses Blueberror! This is also my first story soooo yay? Also no ships as i ship literally everything except Fontcest and Dreammar...
鈽锔廌riller Central馃敧 [#KillerXDreamSquad] by MichimiMaidenPY
鈽锔廌riller Central馃敧 [#KillerXDream...by Virginia Maiden
Non-Official Cover Welcome dear readers! Here we have the "Driller Central", everything related to Killer x Dream! You can have art, drabbles, one-shots, headc...
The Malefic  by DarkNotSeen
The Malefic by Dark
[Slow update/on hold qvq] "Classic was being lazy until a ink puddle suddenly appeared on the snowy floor as someone emerged from it telling him to come with him a...
Is This What You Want?! by Writing_Cat_Camille
Is This What You Want?!by Camille 馃Ф
An apple rots. Paint dries up. Blueberries turns sour. A flower wilts. A blade shatters. ~~~~~~ The war is over, the bad guys won. The stars sanses had disappeared long...
Moon Empire by Writing_Cat_Camille
Moon Empireby Camille 馃Ф
Their was two large Empires in the world. One was called the Moon Empire and was ruled by Emperor Nightmare. The Moon Empire was at war with the Ivory Empire, but everyo...
Rise Of The New Guardians (An Undertale Au) by ButtersTheGreat
Rise Of The New Guardians (An Unde...by Soup
The main character in this story is Error!Sans and in this au there is a virus spreading across the multiverse corrupting any creature it touches, it's Error and his com...