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Obsession [PART 1] by ilykimddeonu
Obsession [PART 1]by ilykimddeonu
How did a hug start it all? All he wanted to do was to help the latter calm down. He doesn't know how he ended up in this cycle of fighting and forgiving, scaring and be...
Obsession Part 2 [ #sunsun ] by ilykimddeonu
Obsession Part 2 [ #sunsun ]by ilykimddeonu
It's summertime and Sunoo was feeling lost. Lost as a person and lost in his feelings. He thought he can continue living life just like the good old days, but no. There...
Hunted (Yandere! Killers x Fem! Reader) by AestheticChim88
Hunted (Yandere! Killers x Fem! Re...by ♡Ocean♡
"You look good with blood on you." ︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ After witnessing something she most definitely SHOULDN'T have seen, she starts to feel...
KinnPorsche at Hogwarts by Bitacrytic
KinnPorsche at Hogwartsby Dureh Tidi
Join the lovely cast of KinnPorsche as they navigate friendships, magical mishaps and the world of love and disappointment, at Hogwarts School of Wizardry ____ All the c...
Three Bitty Monsters (REWRITE) by Fff3ff
Three Bitty Monsters (REWRITE)by Fff3ff
You thought your life was like any other fools. A tragic backstory, and then you grew up and had to work till you died. That's it. Not much... much... uh... not uh.... ...
Ambroses' tears by babygirljoker
Ambroses' tearsby 🖤🃏.
Ambrose was tired. He was tired of the lies and sugar coated words his lover told him, he wanted to leave and never see his face again. And leave he did but what if he...
yandere! souichi tsujji x reader | exxus by CryptOfCrude
yandere! souichi tsujji x reader |...by CryptOfCrude
「 " 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙚𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙡 𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩! "」 Ah. What a peculiar boy. - This story depicts an unhealthy relationship between the reader and a fictional mal...
Clandestine : A SasuNaru Story by fishcaketomato
Clandestine : A SasuNaru Storyby Hyde
🔞 Naruto and Sasuke were once lovers. But mistakes and circumstances had caused them to go their separate ways and marry different people. Unable to contain their love...
End Times by AsTreetops
End Timesby Aspen Treetops
Pain is unavoidable when you are living through an apocalypse. Mabel finds herself struggling with the loss of her brother, her twin instincts telling her that somethin...
Mine (Z.H) by rainberryslover
Mine (Z.H)by zayn
you knew i loved you but you hurt me anyways. The one where Niall is just an innocent & naive 16 year old and his boyfriend Zayn is possessive over him.
Five Out of Ten (BWWM) Complete by IcyandOtherEmotions
Five Out of Ten (BWWM) Completeby IcyandOtherEmotions
Five out of Ten, that was her score, that was Luca Mato's given score for how well she was in bed. It was a senior prank, one that went horribly wrong when she ended up...
reborn and become anew, my little flower...  by Rose_Xeiliana
reborn and become anew, my little...by 𝓡.𝓧𝓮𝓲𝓵𝓪𑁍
Odelia never thought that her life would come to this. Betrayed by friends and pushed off a bridge. But her life isn't exactly quite over.. No not at all. Odelia Estalie...
Please Don't Fall in Love ▶️ #SEONGSANG by -chimchimjiminie
Please Don't Fall in Love ▶️ #SEON...by mochilou on ao3
❝You can drive off in his car, kiss his lips inside a bar, fall asleep inside his arms. But please don't fall in love.❞
When we were wintergirls by katiekilljoymcrmy
When we were wintergirlsby Katie ✨
If you have heard of the story wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson then you will understand. That book really hit me hard. It made me realise how unhealthy I was. How u...
They Call Him Mr. Frost by ARC655
They Call Him Mr. Frostby ARCERET
When izuku's leaves UA after being cheated on he joins a government Mercenary Corps. What happens when he's tasked with making his captive fall in love with him?
Butterfly (Yandere Bnha Various X Villain Reader)(Trying To Edit) by Yukimizuk
Butterfly (Yandere Bnha Various X...by LazyMizuki
[I Made a new Book Cover Again, *whisper* i can't help it] [Old Title:The Perfect Villain (Yandere Bnha Various X Villain Reader)] A girl who just wanna fly. That girl w...
Playful Love (SasuNaru)  by Anime_Lego
Playful Love (SasuNaru) by Anime_Lego
Naruto and Sasuke are famous singers with honorific nicknames in popular music. They always compete when it comes to popularity and talent, they do hate each other but t...
Sutāgāru  by yelenas_anthem
Sutāgāru by yelenas_anthem
Oikawa Tooru was a creep, but she had plenty of people that could protect her from him. {a rewrite of a story I did a while back!}
Love And Lies Are Red by the_red_rose7
Love And Lies Are Redby Sonia Das
Two strangers meet in a café. They fall in love soon. So sweet, isn't it? And then they plan their next murder..... . Arshia Aithwal's life has always been a wreck since...
Toxic Love, A Tale of Ticcimask. by JarveniaJakaal
Toxic Love, A Tale of Ticcimask.by Jarvenia Jakaal
This may be the only story I put trigger warnings on because there is a shit ton and I don't want any of you to have a flashback or think of poisonous thoughts. I want y...