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Bullied But Becoming Darkness(Bullied Belial Male Reader X Union Academy) by AlstonChanAlstonChan
Bullied But Becoming Darkness(Bull...by Ask
Y/n Branwen is born without those powers like Quirk,Semblance,Sacred Gear and Etc but his family still care about him.One day,his father friend called Ozpin and he tell...
The Monster You Made by 3R3NY3A63R
The Monster You Madeby Gabriel Sparda
There was once a boy full of hope. All he wanted was to be a hero and to help those in need. Yet he is mistreated by most all because he had no semblance, quirk or some...
The heroes by rdam0414
The heroesby rdam0414
All characters owned by there respected created. There will be no harem for main characters
Union Academy X Male Reader Son Of Dante by Alphamon52
Union Academy X Male Reader Son Of...by ranger gamer
A crossover of different animes that i love watching end of one of my favorite game franchises devil may cry enjoy
Gamer in different world  by KRrin0
Gamer in different world by
Y/n is a normal teenager who suddenly wake up in unfamiliar forest. What will Y/n do? well....read it This is my first time writing this also English is not my main lang...
All Hail Megatron by PatrickEstvo
All Hail Megatronby Patrick Estêvão
Izuku Yagi lives in a world where only women gain superpowers, but much for his own surprise, he actually had a quirk, but it's not any ordinary quirk. This quirk made h...
The Mercurial Snake by ghyguh
The Mercurial Snakeby María Iscar
This will be my first Y/N story so I will appreciate any tips or judgement.
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of the Abyss (Union Academy x Abyss Sans) by adamabyss12
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of...by adamabyss12
"I had thought...I had believed...I had hoped that...because you are heroes...you would care more about the lives of others, regardless of what and who they are, an...
The Production carftsmen by Hirolegend34
The Production carftsmenby Hiro The Legend
Hiro Shizuki a small shota about four feet and five inches tall and is quite mistaken for a girl because of his feminine like face but he tried to get into Union Academy...
The Legendary Saiyan of Union by THUNDERsnek
The Legendary Saiyan of Unionby THUNDERsnek
A/N: This is a remake of my first Union fanfic where I made it....kinda more cringe than required. Do not worry Jiren in DxD the 3rd fight is in work. I'm just reading t...
He Who Watches and the God of the Anti-Void (Righteous!Error x Union Academy) by adamabyss12
He Who Watches and the God of the...by adamabyss12
(This story is a sequel, taking place after the Abyss Sans Story) "I-It is very amaz-azing how one can cha-change, by the most disastrous of decisions, and the most...
Terrible Wattpad Content by Crimsonsector89
Terrible Wattpad Contentby Crimsonsector89
Yup. Title says it all. I will be posting screenshots from wattpad. And various other places if I feel like it. But mostly wattpad.
One's a loser now the strongest in the world(Op Male Reader x crossover harem) by DJMM15
One's a loser now the strongest in...by Vortex’s Multiverse
He was the only one in the entire world that was born without power no quirk,no ninja skills,no aura,no sacred gear,no life fiber,no magic crest and no power Y/N L/N was...
Union academy x male mage reader by LordOf_Crimson
Union academy x male mage readerby Lordof_crimson
We all know what happens here the reader is bullied and neglected and eventually leaves. But what happens when the reader enters a new academy the mystic academy. Follow...
The Ultimate and Supreme Warrior  by Hirolegend34
The Ultimate and Supreme Warrior by Hiro The Legend
Hiro aka Gogeta a fat and chubby kid who went to Union academy but was bullied and neglected and cheated on because he was useless the headmasters expelled him he return...
Union's Strike Commander by Redcon183
Union's Strike Commanderby Soldat
Y/N has always been called a weakling at Union Academy. He's beaten, yelled at, and eventually, he gets expelled by the headmasters. But what if a portal sent him to a d...
the god of the monsters of Union (op Abused Male Reader x Union Academy)  by DezsoTeo
the god of the monsters of Union (...by omni godzilla 9000
(y/n) (l/n) lived on earth, where 99%of the population had powers like quirks, semblances, sacred gears, ninja arts. Etc the best of these people with powers go to union...
Son Of Will(Oc X Union academy) by Williamjwb87
Son Of Will(Oc X Union academy)by John John
Wyatt Seemed to Be A Normal Teenager But That Couldn't Be Far From The Truth As he's an orphan,Powerless,Doesn't know His Real Parents And Everyone Hates Him But he Trie...
Let The Madness Begin(Crossover x Hank Reader) by Metroid99
Let The Madness Begin(Crossover x...by Metroid99
Union Academy a place that trains Hunters, heroes, shonobi and even the supernatural. On the outside this school seemed perfect and welcoming to all who wanted to train...
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahn by LoganW21406-1
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahnby LoganW21406-1
Y/n L/n was treated like the scourge of his world, and all because he lacks any superpower or super abilities. His parents abandoned him, people beat him at every opport...