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I will marry you sir! (UN x Reader) by user27500998
I will marry you sir! (UN x Reader)by Acromancer
UN was looking at his shopping cart checking, and making sure that he has everything needed, and nothing was missed. And at the sudden, he felt something tug on his pant...
United Empires by Luvielolli
United Empiresby Luvielolli
4 Broken brothers one Gone never seen again one Successfully made it to the top one Still devoloping one Devoloping but is growing rapidly throughout the years Meet UN...
The Wrath of the many. by Vinnymoneyho
The Wrath of the many.by Vinnymoneyho
For millions of Years, the Reapers have tormented the galaxy. Races caught within and outside of its trap have been swept aside. Yet one race survived, and aided Humanit...
U. N. Savoury by belaruscountryhumans
U. N. Savouryby Luckn’t
If you carry your childhood with you, you'll never become older. -Thomas Stoppard.
War of the Worlds by marine325
War of the Worldsby General Marine
We always thought if we face any kind of alien incursion they would come from the skies. We were wrong they came from the Oceans instead. Man-Eating Giants invaded our c...
Among Us|Countryhumans AU by Peep_owo
Among Us|Countryhumans AUby Peep_owo
"Two words, but who could have known such words would have a big impact on six people?" (Inspired by the game Among Us by Innersloth) A fic about countries (a...
FEDERATION by TonyHarmsworth
FEDERATIONby Tony Harmsworth
Federation takes close encounters to a whole new level. A galactic empire of a quarter of a million worlds stumbles across the Earth. Their philosophy on life is totally...
A Backwards Glance [Country humans] by LostLighter
A Backwards Glance [Country humans]by Lighting the Lost
After a particularly frustrating argument with his Dad, America and Canada go to visit UN to vent. What they don't expect is for the union to show them a little more his...
GATE: Fields of Halkeginia by marine325
GATE: Fields of Halkeginiaby General Marine
From another world, a realm of magic and fantasy, of wonders only found in mythical stories , a gate opens in the Streets of Ginza. An army-clad in weapons and Armour o...
Countryhumans X Trans Male! Country! Reader by Scp-Whirl049
Countryhumans X Trans Male! Countr...by Scp- Whirl049
You! Yes you! Are a country going through things in life! Such as dealing with countries, renting an apartment and providing your country since you are a new being of th...
2525: Beyond the gate  by Xixi_mmiii
2525: Beyond the gate by Anagram
For thousands of years humanity has thrived and prospered on the surface of earth, using their ungodly ambitions and intelligence to build a global dominance over the Wo...
Rehab (Countryhumans) by Stereotypical-Brit
Rehab (Countryhumans)by ❄ Winter ❄
~Slow updates~ Imagine if there was a place where all the 'bad countries' go to hopefully get rehabilitated so they can go live normal lives without anyone judging them...
Hindered Hope by DWdystopian
Hindered Hopeby Dalton Webster
**Book 2 of The Paradox Trilogy** Zane Morrison is relentless. Nothing will stop him from saving the boy he loves from the clutches of the monstrous man who cursed them...
~Broken Wings~ A United Nations x European Union Oneshot by Drunkardbagels
~Broken Wings~ A United Nations x...by ⛅️ Bagels ⛅️
This was a collab between me and @Fanta_soda Please check them out if you haven't! This was a really fun thing to do and I'm so happy I got to do a collaboration with th...
Pee Pee Corner  by Yoppyy
Pee Pee Corner by Yoppy
new spin off pilot story by tailtell or whatever the quack
The Unholy Alliance: UN-Axis War by BlazeSaber00
The Unholy Alliance: UN-Axis Warby Ghost Recon
Summary: We all know that in 1941, America joined WW2 on the side of the Allies to stop the Axis powers. This was in part thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his pol...
My groups by USMCGamer101
My groupsby ∆|Locus 2-1|∆
This is the Bios of Groups within my books and Future Books.