Unwantedmarriage Stories

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Marriage For Family...  by unknown_soul_2093
Marriage For Family... by lavender
this marriage of fateh and tejo in my style fateh was supposed to marry his lady love jasmine but she refused to marry in mandap.. then fateh got married to Jasmine's s...
Learning to love my husband by Spoliz
Learning to love my husbandby Elizabeth
She married a man she didn't love, he married the woman of his dreams. Everything was perfect, they were the perfect couple. With the perfect life, perfect jobs. They w...
Signed Away by enylmik
Signed Awayby enylmik
Charlotte Mitchell's life was signed away by her parents to another man by the name of Alexander Grey who is a business tycoon and the current CEO of Grey's industries...
Meri Pehli Khaata by mehshanaya
Meri Pehli Khaataby mehshanaya
#1- hate love #2- mumbai #3-forced "Samridhi," Naina said my name with excitement. " What happened, why are you shouting, "I asked her. "My ma...
Unwanted Marriage by Mauuuu99
Unwanted Marriageby Mauuuu99
What will happen when souls are bound in a marriage unwillingly.....
I Don't!  by BatmanDK8
I Don't! by Bruce Wayne
Leonardo Venturi, one of the most successful men in the world, has just applied for citizenship in the USA. Unfortunately, for him, it's going to take 6 months to proces...
Unwanted Wife by Aneilaa__
Unwanted Wifeby Aneilaa__
To him she would forever be an "unwanted wife" Would she be able to win his heart? Or eventually give up?
Unwanted Wife by limeking26
Unwanted Wifeby limeking26
Izzy- Today I say goodbye to you because I want you to be happy, I know being with me was not your destiny and that it was forced, so I have decided to resign my love...
Dire Love by Alexi_thymia_
Dire Loveby _Jah Mae.
Carmella gives herself up for someone's affection. She continues to stay in an abusive relationship although she is verbally and physically abused. Does she need to beg...
An Unwanted Love by VidhiArtGallery
An Unwanted Loveby Vidhi Art Gallery
A girl named Varnika Rajput the sweet, cute, funny girl have to do an unwanted job in Ashutosh Rajput's Company. But her dream is to teach the students, so in this stor...
Strange...is It Not? by endocreeper
Strange...is It Not?by endocreeper
There are living creatures who feel pain in this world. A new rule and ruler shall be reborn on the human world from above the under world. Kira Kotetzu is a sixteen yea...
Unwanted Marriage? | Alerrie by albanianbabe03
Unwanted Marriage? | Alerrieby albanianbabe03
What If your Father says you have to marry somebody you DON'T know? What If you can't live with him? What If you hate him? What If you can't stand him? That Is what is h...
Silenced by WordThinker
Silencedby WordThinker
Silenced from her once happy life. Will fate give Reyna Alfaro a nicer life again after losing her loving parents and being tied into a married life with no love? Will s...
Unwanted Marriage (Sullivan Series 1) by IAmPurple00
Unwanted Marriage (Sullivan Series...by IAmPurple00
She's Lillie Miller a woman with class, A woman with dignity and independence. That's her before she marries Zack Sullivan A ruthless, cold hearted man that changed her...
The Princess Who Ran by MKread12345
The Princess Who Ranby MKread12345
After escaping her castle and her 'future husband' the princess must live in secrecy, but she's not alone...
YOUR TOUCH (The Unwanted Marriage) by ashua9298
YOUR TOUCH (The Unwanted Marriage)by seokjinnie-luv
Bella has just started her career as a doctor but her parents want her to get married to their friend's son, Jin, and she is not ready for that..... Let's see what's goi...
Unexpected Loveby READINGNOVELS
A cruel demon and vampire king and a beautiful and kind crown prince of the Elves. Bai Feng just wants a normal life with his family. He wants to keep his people safe. H...
Tangled Destiny  by NupurRSingh
Tangled Destiny by Nur 🌙
Vanya Sahni - 23 year old , from dehradun . She aims to become a famous actress but her family is against this . She lives with her maternal Family. Aarav Malhotra - 29...