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Bleach Father Scenarios by GoldenBeatrice777
Bleach Father Scenariosby GoldenBeatrice777
Ok, so this is a book for Bleach Father Scenarios. Please read the first chapter for various house rules and such. The people I'll be using for this book are as follows:...
Bleach Lemon Oneshots by TheMorriganXIII
Bleach Lemon Oneshotsby The Morrigan
~Slow Updates~ Heavy Editing: - Pantera's Dance | Grimmjow X You - Million Dollar Man| Aizen Sosuke X You Completed Works: - The Note | Ishida Uryu X You - Heat Wave | K...
A Normal Transfer Student [Bleach Fanfic] by FarinaOc
A Normal Transfer Student [Bleach...by Ethan
[Previously known as Bleach but I'm in it] {UNDER EDITING: 19/10/2022} "I moved to Karakura Town to get a fresh new start." Neddy just got transferred to a new...
Captain's bride // BLEACH x reader (+18) by wifey__material_
Captain's bride // BLEACH x reader...by Wifey material 👑
⚠️NSFW⚠️ >>In which you just magically arrived at the soul society. Soon the shinigamis hear from your extraordinary kind of being and all the captains are VERY in...
Home  by DJMM15
Home by Vortex’s Multiverse
Lost, he was lost as for some reason the young teenage Ichigo Kurosaki was in hueco mundo with no memory of his past or recollection as to why he was in his vasto lorde...
Instinct Released (Ichigo X Hichigo) EDITING by WhiteSnow116
Instinct Released (Ichigo X Hichig...by WhiteSnow116
MANGA SPOILERS!!! When Muramasa got Ichigo Kurosaki to come to the Soul Society, instead of getting Ichigo's Quincy Powers (fake Zangestu) he got Shiro (Hitichgo or Holl...
Matsumoto's Party (Bleach Fanfiction) [Completed] by dragonlover098
Matsumoto's Party (Bleach Fanficti...by Jesse Serene
Matsumoto has a party and invites you to it. It's going great, and after many drinks, Matsumoto comes up with a game for you all to play. Read on to see how the party go...
Seer of Fate (completed) by CocoTheLoco
Seer of Fate (completed)by Ciel
An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. ~~~~...
Change (male child reader X adoptive mother Orihime Inoue) by ChrisReiniger
Change (male child reader X adopti...by Shadow Nexus
Abandoned, cold, scared, alone. That was all (y/n) knew in his short life until she found him.
Male reader x bleach by Destroyer_Creater2
Male reader x bleachby Destroyer Creator
You are in the world of bleach taking ichigo's place in the series what would happen when someone like you are apart of this world? Read to find out
A Hollow Crown by Draconic_Dumbass
A Hollow Crownby Draconic_Dumbass
For as long as Ichigo could remember, he's been able hear a voice that only he could hear. In addition to that, he was able to see the dearly departed and odd mask-weari...
Foreign Exchange Soul Reaper (Ichigo X Reader)  by Quietgirlboss
Foreign Exchange Soul Reaper (Ichi...by 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓵 𝓐𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓾𝓻 �...
You're an foreign exchange student, from your country [hometown]. Your father is an Japanese born, who moved to [your country], for a better life. Then your family move...
Strawberry and You 🍓 2 (Ichigo X Reader) by bethanyjanebooks
Strawberry and You 🍓 2 (Ichigo X...by Bethany Jane
**Book Two** Y/N was suddenly taken away from everyone not long after she began her relationship with Ichigo Kurosaki and not long ago she told them that she was an espa...
Karakura-Raizer Angel [Bleach Fanfic] by FarinaOc
Karakura-Raizer Angel [Bleach Fanf...by Ethan
[Sequel to A Normal Transfer Student] "I look like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon's love child!" Neddy is back, and the transfer isn't over yet! As Kurosaki...
Heroes by sunsetsoverscars
Heroesby Maycee
Adel had always looked up to the heroes of her favorite TV show, Bleach. The confidence, the fighting, it all seemed so amazing. But when she's mysteriously sucked into...
Inoue's Bad Ending by HichiPotato
Inoue's Bad Endingby HichiPotato
Aizen had finally done it. He managed to break the one person Ichigo and his friends were all attempting to save on their way to Hueco Mundo: Orihime Inoue. ~Her are the...
His Flower, Her Strawberry by Iliketowatchanime
His Flower, Her Strawberryby BrownEyedBambie
This is the story of two childhood friends who've known one another since she was born in his father's clinic and their parents became close after he was born four days...
Glow by RukiaMaka
Glowby Chloe Waters
Ichigo and Rukia finally fall in love and get married and start a family ichiruki and ishihime. Sorry I'm bad a summaries. Disclaimer: I do not own Bleac...
Shinigami ~OC x BleachVarious! by Kito-Sensei
Shinigami ~OC x BleachVarious!by Kito
"If I were the rain, could I ever merge with somebody's heart, like the way rain merges Sky and Earth, never meant to connect..." Himiko Yamamoto has always be...