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🌺 I draw your OC's 🌺 by EternalEternity_
🌺 I draw your OC's 🌺by Eternity
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Welcome to Hell Creek. Abused/Neglected Male reader x RWBY by Deergutter824
Welcome to Hell Creek. Abused/Negl...by Deergutter824
(Y/n) had a rough life, his family hated him for no sound reason other than they just could. He barley gets his bearings after he escapes them. But he runs into someone...
The young raptor... by CanadianShield
The young raptor...by CanadianShield
A young female raptor, growing up in central Utah, in a pack of her parents and her siblings, we follow her and her brother as they grow... but little of they know of th...
Night Of A Wereturtle by Destinygarza23
Night Of A Wereturtleby Destinygarza23
Vampires and Lycanthropes are enemies of war of the 19th centuries many innocents were killed by vampries each year and a group of Lycanthropes protected the defenseles...
The Jurassic Family by MrX2019
The Jurassic Familyby Minh Triet NGUYEN
Basically, the same as Dolphinheart99 on FanFiction.com but with Owen Grady having a 16-year old daughter named Peyton.
The Jurassic Marines by MrX2019
The Jurassic Marinesby Minh Triet NGUYEN
In this AU without the Indominus Rex, a terrorist paramilitary group led by sadistic Leon Mills and helped by Vic Hoskins' InGen Security Division. They now intend to pr...
Jurassic World: The Evil Alliance by MrX2019
Jurassic World: The Evil Allianceby Minh Triet NGUYEN
In this AU, Jurassic World is taken by an eco-terrorist organization named Free the Dinosaurs, with help from Vic Hoskins' rogue InGen Security Division and Biosyn's Sec...
Prehistoric Planet by Stegoceratops
Prehistoric Planetby Stegoceratops
Don't be fooled, this stupid thing was completed over a year ago (check when that one comment was made) there as just a few incredibly annoying errors in the thing whils...
The Isle: Life of the Utahraptor by Electrostrike
The Isle: Life of the Utahraptorby Electrostrike
This story follows the life of a Utahraptor named Swift about his life on The Isle
The Isle - A Friendly Red Raptor's Life by Icojiro
The Isle - A Friendly Red Raptor's...by Icojiro
A PC game on steam known as "The Isle" created by TheDondi and his team of under a dozen. This was by far the most eventful and dramatic fun i ever had in this...
Claw Forest (Remake Overhaul) by itzkevinbitsh
Claw Forest (Remake Overhaul)by Kevin_Ghidorah
Ever since 2200 B.C, legends have been told of a land where dragons lived, and thrived in a untouched heaven. A world within our world, a world were humans don't belong...
Dino King: Fire And Ice by __Daz__
Dino King: Fire And Iceby Silas Castaneda Nelson
This is the journey of Ivy and Blaze the Tarbosaurus as they make their way to the lush, Forest Of Light. The journey is dangerous, but the help of some friends, they ha...
Error: Code Catholicon (Male Utahraptor x Raptor Squad!) by Joelcoxriley
Error: Code Catholicon (Male Utahr...by Joelcoxriley
AU where all members of the Raptor Squad survive and thrive on Isla Nublar after the fall of Jurassic World. Blue and her sisters answer to a new alpha, all but forgetti...
A Strange Family by Official-Kazuichi
A Strange Familyby Tamaki Amajiki
Two adult Giganotosaurus. Three eggs. A strange island. A flood suddenly struck in the wet season. A raptor came apon the eggs and took them as her own, thinking they we...
Life or Death (A Utahraptor Story) by Official-Kazuichi
Life or Death (A Utahraptor Story)by Tamaki Amajiki
Silver is an adult female Utahraptor that imigrated from Mongolia to Utah and met her mate, Bark. She and Bark work together to survive in the unforgiving Utah wildernes...
Whispers of Death - Pack Lore by xoRuurei
Whispers of Death - Pack Loreby Raven
Whispers of death is a dedicated cannibalistic utahraptor pack that focuses on hunting and role play. Where you can earn your danger rating (inspired by Tokyo Ghoul, and...
Travel of Kings by Blood_Isle
Travel of Kingsby Fiery Carnotaurus
In a world overrun by dinosaurs, many are struggling to survive. A young Yutyrannus named Frostbite encounters a villainous megaraptor named Cobra, who kills his father...
Auburn by AntleredCat
Auburnby AntleredCat
After being forced to relocate due to an allosaurus storming their previous territory, Viper pack settled in a familiar cove to relax and nest. But Auburn soon learned t...
The Isle (RWBY x Male reader) by Deergutter824
The Isle (RWBY x Male reader)by Deergutter824
Access main files: ACCESS GRANTED! Video logs: LOGS #6 through #80 LOCKED. FURTHER CLEARANCE REQUIRED! Video log#1 Video log#2 Video log#3 Video log#4 Video log#5 Asset...