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Of Drones and Logic by Jackattack90909
Of Drones and Logicby Jackattack90909
After he threw himself off the Nemisis when he sustained a fatal injury, Shockwave awakens in a new body on a new planet but he isn't alone. He makes peace with the disa...
Murder Drones bf/gf scenarios  by Ruizu_Keiza
Murder Drones bf/gf scenarios by Ruizu Keiza ♡
Uh not sure what to say, but this is a big book of random scenarios of reader x Murder drone characters! Right now the option to request is closed, I'm trying to catch u...
Murder drone x male reader ( V x reader) by Aordinaryperson
Murder drone x male reader ( V x A ordinary person
When a angsty drone and her friend exit the safety of their colony in the goal to find a way to fight against the same drones forcing them to hide. Fate decides to begi...
"FREAK!" - A Murder Drones Story by rosesluvswriting
"FREAK!" - A Murder Drones Storyby Roseywriter<3
N, a wholesome, kind boy in school comes across a guy named Thad. They become friends and are pretty close. Then Thad introduces a girl named Uzi Doorman to N, Thad says...
Aberrant Algorithm. by Axiosriot
Aberrant jack dyer
Reality is like a Computer, built upon the underlying code of creation, A single change in a line of code can lead to aberrations in the system a branch in time were thi...
The one exception by VeggiePicker
The one exceptionby Pick
Copper 9. Human extinction. Worker Drones, now with a conscience, live in colonies separated from the outside wasteland. They live, work, study, and try to stay alive fr...
A Strange Planet - Side Stories | Murder Drones x Reader by Arasshu
A Strange Planet - Side Stories | Arasshu
A series of mini stories that take place with the universe of my other story 'A Strange Planet.' You can request different scenarios with any character, whether it be p...
/|°Made for Children*Murder Drones°|\  by DayCare_Lovely
/|°Made for Children*Murder Puka-ri Sweet
Wouldn't it be strange if a killer drone robot was assigned to protect human children while adult humans go to work? The killer drone robot is called Q. Because it is fo...
Murder Drones Oneshots (mostly Nuzi) by PrincessWizzy1
Murder Drones Oneshots (mostly PrincessWizzy1
Oneshots based of the amazing YouTube series murder drones. I'm open to requests in the comments, this is my first ever book (:
A machine's guide to Divinity by Allternate_marksman
A machine's guide to Divinityby Alternate marksman is best boi
Violence, Fraud. All gone. And with Treachery soon to follow. The machines are decimating everything in its path and Hell itself is on the verge of being wiped out. Or s...
Uzi x N Oneshots by madimagical
Uzi x N Oneshotsby madim
When you match up an angsty teen robot and a murder drone, what do you get? Some say cute moments. The rest say stupidity. Especially V. ~•~•~ smut, fluff, and more watc...
defective by Wolfkiller2003
defectiveby Wolfkiller2003
a drone lost and forgotten deemed faulty and worthless thrown away when one day this drone is put to use by another force another creature will they live with there mis...
The Adventures of N and Uzi [Season 1] by Baked_Cinnamon_Rollz
The Adventures of N and Uzi [ Freshly Baked Cinnamon Roll
I got bored and decided to write this. This will be an overarching storyline, with each chapter being connected. But yeah this is murder drones crap Season 2: https://ww...
♡ Together Til The End ♡ by P0tat0bunny
♡ Together Til The End ♡by 🪼Dännî🫧
A worker bot who's left out by society and can't find a true meaning to life, and a disassembly bot who isn't good enough for his team. These two start of as friends and...
Worker!Drone x V by Zamasu1226
Worker!Drone x Vby Zamasu1226
The non-mature story of you and a psycho drone working your romance out. #1 Non-mature Murder Drones story half of the time.
•Murder drone head cannons• by 111INS0MNIAC
•Murder drone head cannons•by swan 🦢
I upload whenever I want if im motivated- PLS GIVE ME REQUEST BC I CANT THINK TYTY Do know that im not the best at grammar and writing soooo. IM DOING THIS BC IM BORED I...
(DISCONTINUED) Murder Drones x Male Human Reader by WhisperingWells
(DISCONTINUED) Murder Drones x WhisperingWells
Y/n lived on the exoplanet Copper-9 with his father and mother, he loved messing and learning with the innerworkings of technology and sorts since he was a teenager. It...
Murder Drones: Pilot by TrionixPrime
Murder Drones: Pilotby TrionixPrimeSophia
What if Uzi has a best friend who she views as a sister but has a secret that not even both of them knew? Meet Tesla. A drone of unknown origin but has a very dark secre...
Murder Drones Oneshots by Arilovr14
Murder Drones Oneshotsby Laney/Ari
If you want to request a one-shot please read my rules. Please be aware that if I am uncomfortable writing something, I am going to decline your request. Please don't ge...
The Adventures Of N & Uzi [Season 2] by Baked_Cinnamon_Rollz
The Adventures Of N & Uzi [ Freshly Baked Cinnamon Roll
Season 2 of the Adventures Of N & Uzi! What are they gonna do after all the events that occurred in the lab? What's Tessa gonna do with that list? What will N and Uzi do...