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forever~vance hopper  by lovesboring
forever~vance hopper by Love me
you have lived here for years and the kidnappings have gotten 10x worse he's called the grabber anyways then you go to school with Gwen and Finn cuz you're dad is a drun...
game on | jj maybank [1] by eastsiderxoxo
game on | jj maybank [1]by C :)
"I am the best surfer on this island" "Not true, John B said I'm the best surfer he knows, babe" "Game on, Mayback" Blake Woods never thoug...
twister  ★  finney    by addiemarie23
twister ★ finney by acid.reflex
(xreader) based on black phone y/n lives in california but has to move due to her dad going on a business trip to canada, she moves to denver with her mom only to find o...
You're the One - Part 1 || Greta Van Fleet by mahoganyapples
You're the One - Part 1 || Greta mahogany
Jess is offered the opportunity of a lifetime to photograph Greta Van Fleet on their upcoming tour but is blindsided by how quickly one can fall in love from behind the...
My Possessive Stepbrother by joonsiansss
My Possessive Stepbrotherby JN
WARNING: SPG |Mature Content|R-🔞 Si Savannah ay may Stepbrother na nagngalang Kendrick isang napaka Cold,suplado at higit sa lahat manyak na lalaki. palagi syang ini...
𝐌𝐕 [𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐝] by Valeriaxtk
𝐌𝐕 [𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐝]by /𝖬𝗋.𝖩𝖪𝗑𝖱𝖻𝖵/
ငါ့ကိုငြင်းရင် မင်းနှုတ်ခမ်းတွေကိုပေါက်ပြဲအောင်သာမက အသက်ရှူကျပ်အောင်ပါနမ်းရှိုက်‌ပစ်မှာနော် Kim Taehyung _____________________________ Jungkook မင်းဘာလို့ငါ့ကိုနားမလည် ပ...
Help by Jade_Drake
Helpby Jade_Drake
"SOMEOME HELP ME!!! PLEASE ANY-..." My screams are cut short when my captors traps me between his legs and puts a needle in my neck. I feel the darkness pull m...
Black phone one shots  by strangertings96
Black phone one shots by Travis <3
Why? Because I have the biggest obsession with this movie. I know this ain't gonna get views because like it's not like a SUPER popular horror movie but like I still wan...
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Fleet by jerryinchains
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Love & Peace
Remember that first day? I do. In the car, the windows rolled down, music flowing through the air. I was at peace with everything and everyone. We were family.
Miles Apart - Sam Kiszka x OC fanfic by annesstardustchords
Miles Apart - Sam Kiszka x OC annesstardustchords
(in progress, 2-3 chapters updated daily, SMUT INVOLVED) Arabella Quinton Ashford has a troubled past with the members of Greta Van Fleet. Her early relations with nearl...
[21+]Dâm Dục Đam Mỹ Truyện (bản Đặc Biệt) by PauCatTay
[21+]Dâm Dục Đam Mỹ Truyện (bản Đặ Paulina©Vega
Chỉ là nơi tập hợp những mẫu truyện ngắn do mình tưởng tượng ra hoặc chứng kiến hoặc trải qua thôi. về sex gay 100%, nói chung là nơi để cái đầu óc đen tối của mình hoàn...
you are half of me (and I am all for you) - larry stylinson by angelichl
you are half of me (and I am all larry stylinson <3
One Direction, an obscure indie rock band, is about to embark on their first cross-country tour, living out of Louis' beloved van named Patricia. Harry is in love, and L...
wildflower days  by jakesmasterass
wildflower days by unsub
Ophelia, greta van fleet's new photographer joins them for tour then gets hired on through their team which means shes with them permanently, how will that work once a b...
Tiger, Tiger by I-ate-Narnia
Tiger, Tigerby Narnivore
Alexis Matthews is a shifter, a member of the most coveted pack on Earth. With Alpha's blood flowing in an Omega's veins, her life is difficult enough as it is, but soon...
[HOÀN EDIT] BẠN TRAI CŨ - ĐIÊU ĐIÊU TỬ by selnemoinguoi
Tên Hán việt: Tiền nam hữu Tác giả: Điêu Điêu Tử Tình trạng bản gốc: Hoàn thành Tình trạng bản edit: Hoàn thành Editor: nnoc Thể loại: Nguyên sang, Ngôn tình, Hiện đại...
The Weight of Dreams || Greta Van Fleet by mahoganyapples
The Weight of Dreams || Greta mahogany
Juliette was thrust into the spotlight the day she was born and has never known a day without fame and fortune, but when small town band Greta Van Fleet are invited to o...
 [ဒုဓလီထယ်][Season-1] (𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘵𝘦𝘥) by Valeriaxtk
[ဒုဓလီထယ်][Season-1] (𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘭� /𝖬𝗋.𝖩𝖪𝗑𝖱𝖻𝖵/
Eddie Van Halen imagines by rocknrollsz
Eddie Van Halen imaginesby rocknrollsz
Imagines of the one and only Eddie Van Halen. For requests just dm me and I'll happily make it into a story!!! I might write smut but only if it's requested.
It's been too long (Alucard x reader) by BandGeek2263
It's been too long (Alucard x Megan Stevens
While Alucard was on a mission he met this 'human' girl. Or he thought the girl was human anyway. He was proven wrong. The girl was accepted into the Hellsing organizati...