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Varian's Tangled Trials by Justinedaca
Varian's Tangled Trialsby Justine
It's happily ever after, after all, but in this 'tangled' world more mysteries wait to be uncovered. When Varian finds out about his mother's scientific work and her que...
Varigo (Oneshots) by CoolGirl937
Varigo (Oneshots)by CoolGirl937
Come enjoy some Varian x Hugo oneshots, I accept requests and if you request, youll get credited i promise Also there will be spoilers from tangled the series and Varian...
He changed me(A Hugo x Varian story) by octospacegirl
He changed me(A Hugo x Varian oliveexisting362
A varigo story that takes place during Varians arrest i wrote with my discord and youtube friend
Varigo Oneshots *ON HOLD* by Xiar532
Varigo Oneshots *ON HOLD*by Xia
Just some Varian x Hugo short stories. Request are open, so if you have any feel free to comment on the requests page. I hope you enjoy I do not own the TTS characters...
Varian Moon Child Au (maybe) by Varian33
Varian Moon Child Au (maybe)by Candycorn
It all started with the trance. The trance that made the boy glassy eyed, trapped in his own mind. The trance that activated his power. And once it's revealed he's the...
A Varigo Story I keep Writing At 4am In The Morning  by Imgaeboi
A Varigo Story I keep Writing At Zander
Hugo makes a bet with Nuru to stay in a seemingly abandoned house for 24 hours. Little does Hugo know that his life was about be changed forever. (This is a vamparian au...
varigo drabbles by kai_the_spai
varigo drabblesby Preston!
AU's, fluff, angst, whatever it is! Minus smut. No. If you want to request something, don't be afraid to comment and ask!
Ask and Dare (V&7K) by GogglesBabe
Ask and Dare (V&7K)by Hugo
Got any questions for your fave couple? Crazy dares? Reactions?? Ask em here and you'll get em!! The gang from V&7K and RTA will answer and/or do reactions!! Featuring G...
Olivia, Define "Valentine" | Varigo oneshot by mxwhoredick
Olivia, Define "Valentine" | ky* *
The day of hearts is approaching, and Hugo is unaware about Corona's traditions for the holiday. Meanwhile, Varian is having a breakdown, as per usual.
☆ Varigo Stars Club ☆ by GogglesBabe
☆ Varigo Stars Club ☆by Hugo
Exactly what it sounds like- ☆ A cult, I mean CLUB! just for Varigo! Come join us and build up this community!! Here there'll be- ☆ questions ☆ fanart ☆ au ideas ☆ prom...
V&T7K incorrect quotes by more-food-please
V&T7K incorrect quotesby Trix
There isn't enough content here, and I don't trust myself to write stories, so here is my contribution. Incorrect quotes, headcanons, memes, and the occasional sh!tpost.
A Dance In The Rain - Vat7k Amburu Fic by amitysbrownroots
A Dance In The Rain - Vat7k purple
Nuru from Vat7k x an oc someone made, Amber. Plus some varigo in the background ofc and Yong
Varian and the Seven Kingdoms Oneshots by Dresses_With_Pockets
Varian and the Seven Kingdoms Dresses_With_Pockets
Just a random book filled with oneshots about VATSK gang There will be some AU's
Schlinge by StormyGogglesboy
Schlingeby Varian
After a year of imprisonment for his crimes against Corona, Varian is forced to leave his cell mate behind to face the cold hard reality. And somewhere in the crowds, Hu...
Varian goes on a journey to complete the seven trails his mother never finished. Along the way he meets Yong, a young boy who just wants to make an invention without it...
Dance of Hearts  by Melenora
Dance of Hearts by mel
When the biggest dance of the Day of Hearts Festival is at hand, both young men are swept up in the romance of the evening, and all else seems to fade away. ~♡~ One sh...
A Hearts Met Its Match by AlchemyAchalla
A Hearts Met Its Matchby 𝒜𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓁𝓁𝒶
Varian had always kept to himself- he'd had no reason to go to anyone else. He wasn't viewed as anybody super important. He wasn't strong, or super charming with his wor...
varian and the seven kingdoms by NayeliAkins
varian and the seven kingdomsby Nayeli Akins
this is my take on the rejected spin off to tangled the series it is heavily inspired by an amazing song writer on YouTube named Danielle keiko eyer she writes great son...
Velvita Rose's Artwork by VelvitaRose
Velvita Rose's Artworkby 🌹🥀Tyler🥀🌹
This is a book full of my artwork, from incomplete to finished. I might show you the sketches of some and the final products. Please put drawing suggestions and comments...