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Bit by Bit (DBZ/DBZA/GT/SUPER OC story) by GrimGenesis
Bit by Bit (DBZ/DBZA/GT/SUPER OC Genesis
He's your typical office worker, someone who's just living his life best he can. He isn't someone worth mentioning in his own opinion, even when others tell him he's a g...
God of Destruction's Son (Under Editing) by Izzy142
God of Destruction's Son (Under Izzy
Lord Beerus brings his adopted 12 year old son Hakai toEarth to meet the saiyans. But there's another reason. Hakai is a saiyan.
Humanity (Trunks x OC) by InariKiri
Humanity (Trunks x OC)by InariKiri
21, awoken from her slumber by the androids 17 and 18, seems to form a new barrier between the world peace Gohan and Trunks seek. However, this newly arrived female droi...
Destroyer's Mate (On Hold) by 323cherrycherry323
Destroyer's Mate (On Hold)by 😭Cry Baby😭
Grand Zeno calls in a quick reunion to give the Destroyers a gift, but there's a catch.
Two Families by 323cherrycherry323
Two Familiesby 😭Cry Baby😭
Vegeta gets a visit from his wife and it's not Bulma. Just Read To Find Out
Dragon Ball Z - Lost Years (Goku X OC) by elliejohns
Dragon Ball Z - Lost Years (Goku Ellie Johns
"DARCY!" I lifted my head from the filth and dirt that covered the ground, my eyes burning as I tried my best to glance up at him, Goku's hands lifted me up we...
The Potara Hero: Vegito by TMT52471
The Potara Hero: Vegitoby Reimu
Izuku Yagi was the son of No.1 hero All Might and No.5 hero Green Telek with a sister named Izumi Yagi. His life was good until the age of 4 when he was diagnosed quirkl...
Female Goku x Male Reader by Lazuli0103
Female Goku x Male Readerby Lⱥzuℓi✨
In this alternate timeline Goku was born as a female saiyan with the name of Son Goki. You'll be taking the place of Vegeta and throughout the course of the story you'll...
Dragon Ball Z Kyōdai (Male Reader) by BlueBoyVanX
Dragon Ball Z Kyōdai (Male Reader)by Blueshade2
Read and see the story of Goku and his brother like friend. No this is not a one-shot. Just me in dragon ball z. I mean, who wouldn't add there selves in an amazing anim...
Dragon Ball Z One Shots. (SLOW AS HECK UPDATES) by SamtheloverofTrunks
Dragon Ball Z One Shots. (SLOW Samantha
Basically a story dedicated to the greatest fighters in the universe. (REQUESTS OPEN)
Raza's Beginning (DBS X God OC) by Seansyt8
Raza's Beginning (DBS X God OC)by King of Gold Hair
This is the real beginning of the Saiyan god by the name Raza. His early life and his relation to the Z fighters.
𝔸𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕟𝕒 𝔾𝕠𝕜𝕦'𝕤 𝕊𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕏 𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕤 by Saiyan-Athena
𝔸𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕟𝕒 𝔾𝕠𝕜𝕦'𝕤 𝕊𝕚𝕤𝕥� Author❤️Alaka
In this story Athena is Goku and Raditz older sister. she was born the reincarnation of the angel of Universe 15 and with white hair and violet eyes. of course her pare...
The Bet by Anime_Fanfic_Central
The Betby BakaFanfictions©
When Goku loses a bet with Krillin, Krillin wishes Goku to be a girl. Vegeta and Bulma finally snapped and finally get a divorce. Goku had been hiding from Vegeta and is...
Dragon Ball One-Shots by shadowisprimewolf
Dragon Ball One-Shotsby shadowisprimewolf
Ok so in this book the title says it all and it will be full of your requests with your favourite character. So I hope you all enjoy your time in.......wait for it...
The Only Exception - Goku Black X Reader X Zamasu by AshliKiwii
The Only Exception - Goku Black AshliKiwii
What happens when two mortal hating beings fall in love? What if the person they love was a mortal themselves? Can this so call 'love' last forever? And most importantly...
*vegeta x reader* Yes she is his lover~♡ by pokeygrim
*vegeta x reader* Yes she is his ♡RenDaddy♡
Vegeta goes through alot to get y.n off his mind even dating bulma, his front desk assistant. Will vegeta fall for y.n or will he choose his mind over his heart?
Last Opportunity  by VEGITO8889
Last Opportunity by Dark Vegito
Izuku Yagi the son of Yoshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi aswell a twin sister of Izumi Yagi. Izuku had a useless quirk which is having a tail when they don't realise it's actu...
Vegeta's found mate by galaxy_kurama
Vegeta's found mateby Isis
Vegeta x beerus's daughter this book is about you a vegeta obviously so about Vegeta trunks and newly born bulla they are bulma's and twarble's kids. &q...
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader (REMAKE) (ON HOLD) by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader ( BSGNetwork
(THIS WILL BE A REMAKE OF MY FIRST EVER STORY) In Age 759, Son Goku and ChiChi had their second child, a boy they named Son Y/N. Unlike his brother, Y/N trains with Goku...