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Tubbo x Bathtub by slayerr745
Tubbo x Bathtubby rayn
A love story between Tubbo and his bathtub. This book is very serious, no laughing allowed.
caillou x reader by Imuracupcake
caillou x readerby HisokasPinkyToe6969
I am going to be taking this very seriously >:(( not B)
I suck at drawing xd  by PocketPillowFox
I suck at drawing xd by PocketPillowFox
An incredibly long and complex story about me trying to figure out how to draw This is a true story, it's very sadd and there's lots of death. Every single character die...
Aphmau fanfiction i made years ago (so proud) by driploverxxxx
Aphmau fanfiction i made years howboutno
Cant even explain its already so short. You can read and you wont waste much time i promise its very quick WHY DID I MAKE APHMAU AN OBJECT
Basic (bxb) by AliceExist
Basic (bxb)by Alice Carson
I would like everyone to take this seriously I will have no pranksters dissing my writing
men i'd trust with my drink by Holy_Water_Sprinkled
men i'd trust with my drinkby 𝐯𝐢𝐚📽
rating celebrities (and fictional characters) based on if i could trust them with my drink at a party :)
the birthday cake by ihdekw
the birthday cakeby ihdekw
a girl is having a birthday party and invites her crush, things didn't go as planned
dnf is reel ~ a  very very serious work by blueslushy73
dnf is reel ~ a very very blueslushy73
I put effrot in~! dotn maek fun of it or else ur a nobodby!
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So close, yet so far by Enoby_Darkness
So close, yet so farby very serious author
Shortly after confessing his love to his friend, Viner and Youtuber and also Zumba enthusiast Drew Gooden is kidnapped right in front of Danny Gonzalez's eyes by none ot...
Thursday Afternoon. by starissour
Thursday star <3
what happens on a thursday afternoon, stays on a thursday afternoon
ONESHOTS OR SOMETHING. misc by nctzenerity
feeling emo? ya. they're kinda just drabbles or imagines or whatever the actual words are LOL
A fanfiction on "The Pity" by Michelangelo by beenforcedtodothis
A fanfiction on "The Pity" by beenforcedtodothis
This was a bet, please don't take this seriously, by reading this you made me earn 8 dollars, thank you. End me.
bitter honey by sspookasemm
bitter honeyby ghosttrash
A being of rage and a man descended from ethereality. i am but a teenager writing about my beloved oc ---- how ayther (oc) and aeolus (friend's oc) came to meet a collec...
U L T R A S M U T (H.S) by girlinredgf
U L T R A S M U T (H.S)by SevenByers
Y/N and Harry get ready for a naughty night...