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Devil's Sons M.C. (Manxman) by ShadowQueen45
Devil's Sons M.C. (Manxman)by I❤️Pizza
Hunter Wilson lives by one code - Loyalty. Jesse Jetter lives by one code - Family. A story featuring a group of Harley Lovers, a motorcycle club named Devil's Sons. In...
Kamala & Doug: A Dream Come True  by breeoc97
Kamala & Doug: A Dream Come True by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
Kamala Harris has just become the first ever woman Vice President in a historic election. She thought that would be the only surprise that would come in her and Doug's l...
Jax Teller Imagines  by justanother_dreamer_
Jax Teller Imagines by Wattpad Queen 👑 ❤️
Follow Jax Teller and you (the reader) on a crazy adventure full of friendship, romance and sacrifices. Will Jax fall for you? Of course he will! Will there be adventure...
What Happens, Happens by Wyleigh_Marie_725
What Happens, Happensby Lee
"This is so weird!" "I don't see what the problem is." "Because you've probably slept with someone before. I haven't." "Well, come her...
Joe & Jill: A Miraculous Little Surprise  by breeoc97
Joe & Jill: A Miraculous Little 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
Joe Biden and Jill Biden are on top of the world, they are the President and First Lady of the United States after the biggest election of a lifetime. The last eight mon...
Between The Two (Yandere Twins X Reader) by Kate_XB
Between The Two (Yandere Twins X Kate.X
The Student Council President and Vice President are twins And they are searching for a new secretary. Would you be interested in filling up? Well let's find out. Twin...
Unforseen[Completed]  by Ylianna_wp
Unforseen[Completed] by rosas ang kulay ng bukas
Everything happens for a reason which is always unforeseen and forever will be. Leni Robredo ready to challenge President Rodrigo Duterte as opposition leader. How will...
Ugly President  by ikrebel
Ugly President by Ichigo Kamishiro
People who are attracted to you because of your beautiful face and nice body won't be by your side Forever~ But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will N...
Running mates for lifetime by theharrisgirl
Running mates for lifetimeby theharrisgirl
This is a story of Kamala and Doug. I do not know anything about their personal lifes and this is just a cute imagination. This is just for entertaining and should not a...
SERENDIPITY [DuBredo x BongLeni] by TheArtisan
SERENDIPITY [DuBredo x BongLeni]by Thalia Cressel
Leni Robredo transfers to a new university for personal reasons, there she meets the scary gang leader Rodrigo Duterte and the smooth talking rich kid Bongbong Marcos.
His Flower Named Hope by allovetovictory
His Flower Named Hopeby LV_1
The first time Yoongi noticed the rising feelings of love was the day his pale skin turned to pink seeing the radiate light through his smile for the first time. The wo...
Miss Sano by belongtoneverland
Miss Sanoby TheLiterateShow
"Okay, Kami, Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha or whoever deity there is. If ever you isekai me please make my life easy. I wanna get involve to characters but not that muc...
The Gentleman's Game MC: Heart by NatasjaSilver
The Gentleman's Game MC: Heartby Queen Of Cliffhangers
"I own you." his malicious tone was so different that it made my head spin. "Every. Single. Inch. Belongs to me." I tried fighting back against Vale...
The president wants me dead  by QueenNika14
The president wants me dead by Jenika
As a child I thought all I needed was my mommy and things would be ok, but being taken from her life has turned my world upside down, and placed me in dangerous territor...
Augusta Again  (Completed) by Designschool
Augusta Again (Completed)by Designschool
Gorgeous boss, handsome coworker, ex who cheated. Will anyone break down Caroline's barriers and win her heart, and will her past come back to haunt her? As top intern...
Reaper (Reaper MC Book 1) (Unedited) by Dredge116
Reaper (Reaper MC Book 1) ( Dredge
Katie Hughes is the daughter of the President of The Reaper's MC. She's seen all the trouble that this life brings. Sometimes she wants to get away and live a normal lif...
Kamala and Doug, an endless love story... by kamalaharris2021
Kamala and Doug, an endless love MPM
We all know Kamala Devi Harris, the Vice President of the United States, but how much do we know about her love life and her husband named ... Doug? Love without limits...
Al & Tipper: Back To Love  by breeoc97
Al & Tipper: Back To Love by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
The Gores were in the prime of their lives in the 90's being the Vice President and Second Lady of the United States in the Clinton-Gore administration. After a narrow...
The Love Interest: John Adams And Thomas Jefferson (Adamson fanfic) by BtsIca_98
The Love Interest: John Adams Jessica Fernandez
John Adams finds a match that would be his Vice President but his match is not just the love interest, he is his Vice President too.
The Art Of Politics by RavenIsa
The Art Of Politicsby SilverRose
In the wake of the death of Vice President Dallace Bolton Isabella and her father Jeffery have to deal with an international crisis that too threatens the safety of the...