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Under a Sky of Dancing Stars by vmfischer
Under a Sky of Dancing Starsby vmfischer
"She doesn't belong to you," Cedric snapped. Drystan brushed his fingers along the Arena wall, conjuring a bright red rose through very dark means. A few whis...
The Cloaked Truth Series #4: Where No One Sees by heartfulpages
The Cloaked Truth Series #4: Heart Elei
Read The Cloaked Truth Series #1, #2, #3, before reading this. "The Fourth..." Started: March 16, 2022 Finished:
Villain? by panicpotato_
Villain?by panicpotato_
Why do people judge us because of our quirks? Everyday they decide our futures and what type of person we'll be because of something we couldn't control. ~~~~~~~~~<3 ...
Villain- DSMP X Reader Superhero/Supervillain AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Villain- DSMP X Reader Superhero/ Raven
Everyone in the world recieves a gift. Some choose to use that for evil, some for good. Some don't even realise they have a gift. Too many used it for evil, and so the L...
Now You See Me by bayports
Now You See Meby zZᶻ
How do I look away now that I have seen you? PETER PARKER © 𝖇𝖆𝖞𝖕𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖘
Family - Rebels X 2 by July25mlb
Family - Rebels X 2by Mya Brown
The twins found out that Kimmi and Caleb are their parents. Scarlett is missing and Crystal is dead. Bailey, Zane, Conner, and Hazel are joining the Capital in order to...
The Villainess: Chains Of Fate_ by IntergalacticHan
The Villainess: Chains Of Fate_by A
Avianna Amaris Laurier a girl that is a prodigy in music, rich, had a loving family, and also love to read novels. In an unexpected death she is bound to a system. Tha...
Games of Lust and Lies by evesj7
Games of Lust and Liesby evesj7
"I am to wed, if that is what it takes to save my kingdom so be it, I would gladly sacrifice my life for my people's safety and comfort"- Katherine Lark, the i...
Mehabooba  by hayacinthworld
Mehabooba by Dandelion
This is a story of how a villain meets his queen, does anything and everything to save his queen and proves that the hero is not always the correct one. Inspired by: KGF...
In the Name of Star  by quinnana
In the Name of Star by Q//A
When a villain, Shinda Hoshi, is on escape, he doesn't know where to hide and heal his wound that will take few months. He run away from the police department since 12 h...
a mother's protection spell by adognumber1
a mother's protection spellby adognumber1
Cinder fall was never supposed to hear that cry that day. She was never supposed to make that deal. Now she is on a noble path of vengeance against her better judgment...
OC Headcanons!! by Rei_IV
OC Headcanons!!by チェーンソー
This book will be an assortment of different things, but it will mainly focus on headcannons about my OC, Mukuro. Feel free to comment whatever you want, as long as it i...
A Bitter Being (Bushroot x Reader) by Janey_fnaf_fan
A Bitter Being (Bushroot x Reader)by Janey
You're a young woman who lives in the city of St. Canard, who had started off as the nicest, kindest, caring woman anyone could ever meet. You loved flowers, helping oth...
Super Story 4 by CraZyDogPlayz
Super Story 4by CraZyDog Playz
Jill and her bestfriend Hailey decided to live together when they moved to Florida. What they didnt know is who this house used to belong to. Jill accidentally opened th...
"His Bird, My Villain"  [Dabi × Hawks] by Shigarakismip
"His Bird, My Villain" [Dabi × Anime for life
[Not complete] Dabi, whos a mystery villain to all people and the person who will kill your children, takes a bit of liking to Hawks who's the number two pro hero, hawks...
I got transmigrated as the two faced side villain in a crappy harem novel?! by KoSh1_
I got transmigrated as the two KoSh1_
Sam is just an average person with a hard life. One day he finally thought of ending his life in the bridge of life. It's a bridge where everyone usually end their lives...
Butterfly Effect [ TodoDeku ] 🦋  by clarinette_e
Butterfly Effect [ TodoDeku ] 🦋 by clarinet
"That damned deku..." In a world where perhaps, Izuku's father was non other than an infamous villain. Where, he had gone under the bullying ten fold as a chil...
SBI Week 2022 on Twitter! by KD_Dies
SBI Week 2022 on Twitter!by The Demon Raith
There was a SBI Week for 2022 that I participated in, these are the oneshots that came out! There are only seven chapters, but all are semi long? I hope you enjoy! I rea...