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Mechanical (CPD) by KNeill006
Mechanical (CPD)by KNeill006
Jordan Hermandez used to be a ranger with Jay but left a few years before him due to her mother's illness. They never spoke again or even knew if each other were still a...
Into the light  by Chicagox
Into the light by Chicagox
When a young girl is snatched off the streets by the intelligence unit for drug possession, they would only come to find that not everything is as it seems... -Chicago P...
Do people ever change? by Chicagox
Do people ever change?by Chicagox
The intelligence unit is in desperate need to fill the place of its final member after Erin Lindsays departure, which devastated the team. Will the new team member be s...
Dani by Malec0914
Daniby Sam3642
During a raid the team stumbles upon a young girl, the girl quickly becomes attached to Hank. How will Hank respond? Hank's world gets shaken up and changed.
You Know You Love Me by Chicagox
You Know You Love Meby Chicagox
Hailey uptons teenage daughter likes to break the rules a little but she's smart, maybe even smart enough to have planned out her future career already... -Chicago PD- •...
One Chicago - Forever Lovers 💞 by chicagontario
One Chicago - Forever Lovers 💞by ello ✌🏻
Katrina Severide is Kelly Severide's little sister, Kelly has always been protective, but what happened after Kelly finds out someone broke her heart, and after she fall...
New York  Detective joins Chicago PD (hank Voight love story) by darkanglel_28
New York Detective joins Chicago...by darkangle_28
Alyssa Benson was a Detective in New york city. but then she was offered a job in Chicago. but what she didnt count on was falling in love with her boss Hank Voight.
Help Me! by KNeill006
Help Me!by KNeill006
Y/n Creed is a young girl who is trying to break out of trouble. When she has a run in with the Intelligence Unit they know there is more to this girl than meets the eye...
Drowning In Secrets by Chicagox
Drowning In Secretsby Chicagox
The newest member of intelligence seems like a sweet and caring addition, but when jay stumbles across her record he starts to lose trust in her...
castaways  by Chicagox
castaways by Chicagox
Not everyone gets a kick start at life, some people have to work their way up. That's the case for this young girl, who finds herself stuck in quite a bit of trouble... ...
Sequel to 'Is Love Enough' by CPDRuzekfan
Sequel to 'Is Love Enough'by CPDRuzekfan
What's the Ruzek family up to now?
The third Rhodes by Sop_Martini
The third Rhodesby Sophia Martini
Sophia Rhodes is the youngest sister to Claire and Connor Rhodes she Works for NCIS in New Orleans. What happens when she has to go back to Chicago With some team member...
Line Of Fire by 1800StayWicked
Line Of Fireby Ashley Nicole
Kelly Severide and Taylor Ryan Voight have known each other since they were kids. Their fathers were close friends. After high school, they split ways and lost contact...
Chicago P.D Horror Story by gianella1044
Chicago P.D Horror Storyby gianella1044
I've never been so scared of my life,me and my friend had one of the most scariest experience that we had in our lives.Our lives we're going well just fine until we met...
The long lost daughter  by onlymischief
The long lost daughter by
What will happen when she returns from Virginia? And what was she doing in Virginia for nine years? Chicago PD- Criminal Minds I don't own the shows only my plots.
Life in Chicago 『 Chicago P.D. 』 by writerfromes
Life in Chicago 『 Chicago P.D. 』by writerfromes
Life as a police officer and life as a coffee shop worker are completely different. Yet, they can be combined into one. TRIGGER WARNING! At some point this story talks a...
Soldiers in Intelligence by Ariana-Fic
Soldiers in Intelligenceby Ariana-Fic
Detective Joanna Wilson, ex- Green Beret that works for NCIS in L.A. goes to Chicago after getting a call from Hank Voight asking for her help. Joanna helps the unit wit...
What if I told you? by linsteadfanfict
What if I told you?by Stella_luna
Jay has spent many years caring for everyone, but he suddenly realizes his life is starting to pass him up. He wants a family, but his dream is starting to slip further...
Chicago P.D.: Hunter and Huntress by FanFicHoney
Chicago P.D.: Hunter and Huntressby FanFicHoney
As the hunt for the elusive woman continues, the Halstead brothers are put in danger and the team do their best to catch her before she strikes. (Book 2 of the Crossover)
Ghost Of The Past by Malec0914
Ghost Of The Pastby Sam3642
Jordan Voight, the famous daughter of Former Sergeant Hank Voight. She had followed in her father's footsteps and became one of the best-known Detectives. What happens w...