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Jungkook Sickfic by GlassyKook
Jungkook Sickficby GlassyKook
Just taking out my boredom and stress into poor kookie (REQUESTS OPEN!!)(•^•)
Painful... by SoftHeirofRage
Painful...by Maxx Trash
When Karamatsu begins to avoid the company of his brothers and talks less and less, it makes the others worry. What could possibly be wrong with Shittymatsu?!
Jungkook Oneshots and Sickfics by DeniskaTen
Jungkook Oneshots and Sickficsby j-hope>>
"He groaned when he woke up. His hair was stuck to his sweaty forehead. His limbs felt like they weighed five tons. Jungkook suspected that he was sick but he hoped...
miraculous: falling in love  by alya17000
miraculous: falling in love by miraculous super fan
Gabriel purposes to Nathalie and they go on their honeymoon. Once they had come back from their honeymoon, they had an unexpected surprise waiting for them.
Sickfics by RoseaFx
Sickficsby RoseaFx
I write mainly vomit, fever, fainting, and a lot of whump. The beginning are a few samples of my work, and I do requested as well. I torture my characters, and give what...
1D Sickfics by logitech2401
1D Sickficsby Cucumber
Maybe a collection of stories, I don't know yet. I don't have an upload schedule, but you're welcome to leave a request in the comments, I might take the time to write i...
5SOS Sickfics by 5SOSxQueen
5SOS Sickficsby 5SOSxQueen
This is my first time ever writing anything. I hope you guys will enjoy it! Sorry in advanced for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I am not the best at writing, but I d...
BTS Sickfic / unfortunate Events (request open!) by The-Purple-Pearl
BTS Sickfic / unfortunate Events (...by The-Purple-Pearl
BTS unfortunate Events, sickfic, hurtfic, just stories/oneshots about BTS members. Just stories (one day i hope a lot) about BTS members. I do request just ask and i wi...
One Direction Sickfics by divinedancer07
One Direction Sickficsby Alyssa
Some sickfics of our favorite boys! Requests always open!😁
Haikyuu Sickfics by Diiaaa_suga
Haikyuu Sickficsby Diiaaa_suga
REQUESTS CLOSED emeto but make it Haikyuu (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 80.4k reads!! ~I post weekly give or take a few days~ ~I write fluffy stuff, no major character death or severe il...
Enhypen sickfic by Hobiilyx
Enhypen sickficby nobody knows
Sickfics~ So you know this is just a fantasy not real I do not wish this for the boys! If you have any ideas for my next one please comment them!
Avengers Sick-fics by sophies_burnt_bacon
Avengers Sick-ficsby Daisy 🌼
Here's a whole range of Avengers sickfics (most with reader inserts) for your reading pleasure! Most one-shots are between 1000-4000 words (with a few longer exceptions)...
Stomach bug by Malikook96
Stomach bugby Malikook96
A stomach bug decided to join the well deserved holiday of the BTS members. Some are worse off than the others.
The Salvatore brothers sickfics by Everythingiwanttobe
The Salvatore brothers sickficsby Everythingiwanttobe
Title pretty much gives it away. This book was accidentally taken down so I had to start over and reupload
Rub His Back | A JJK Sickfic by joonie_b
Rub His Back | A JJK Sickficby joonie b. jones
Jungkook gets sick while on vacation in Hawaii. But Jungkook has his hyungs, and to them, he's first priority. Highest ranking #3 in "#OT7" 3/3/19
5sos Sickfics (Oneshots) by 5SOSxQueen
5sos Sickfics (Oneshots)by 5SOSxQueen
This book is a compilation of my other 5SOS book. these are one shot versions of the other book. I did this just for preference purposes. Enjoy guys!
Forgotten by _Fallen_Angel_4122
Forgottenby Dark Moon
" Seems like they are not going to come. " 13 year old, Harry said to himself. Harry doesnot want any sort of riches and things like any teenager would want f...
1D Sickfics  by justlikefabi
1D Sickfics by justlikefabi
Just a bunch of Oneshots.
bts jimin sickfics  by CaseyCat169
bts jimin sickfics by Casey Cat
Some fics where mochi is sick and injured 🥺