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WandaWidow - Book 1 by HeadFlusher
WandaWidow - Book 1by Hannah
As Wanda Maximoff tries to navigate a life without her brother she forms a bond with former enemy, Natasha Romanoff. The question is, will the bond be strong enough to o...
Love In Hospital by Scarletwidow89
Love In Hospitalby Natasha Maximoff
Two doctors that fell in love with each other
WandaXnat fanfic <3 by lillian2895
WandaXnat fanfic <3by Stan heatherchandler
When you turn 21 you get to find out who your soulmate is that you get to spend the rest of you life with. Enjoy reading sorry if it's bad I don't have Experience Writ...
Scarletwidow oneshots  by mrzmaximoff
Scarletwidow oneshots by 🍄ryen🍄
Wanda x Nat oneshots last update; mar 29th 2022 there is absolutely no update scheduled but i am a very unreliable person so by bad 😍🤠🥸😳😐🤨😩☹️😏👏🤌💞😍🅿️🌧
ScarletWidow OneShots by Scarletwidow89
ScarletWidow OneShotsby Natasha Maximoff
This will be a scarletwidow/wandanat oneshots. And this will be my first story. I hope you enjoy. Oh and request are open :)
Everybody Talks - WandaNat x Reader by randomshymary
Everybody Talks - WandaNat x Readerby Mary
Requested: "The story is a Harry Potter AU, where Nat is a slytherin who hates mugbloods because of her family until she meets reader. Gryffindor, mudblood with a c...
Can you love me? by your_loverlily
Can you love me?by Lily <3
An alternative universe where the world is settled into littles and caregivers once you are 14 you get categorized. Natasha Romanoff was given a little, something that w...
Till Death Do Us Part // Scarletwidow by perfxctlynat
Till Death Do Us Part // Scarletwi...by ella <3
"I keep trying to save you but you don't want to be saved." ---- Even after leaving Sokovia, joining the Avengers and making new friends, Wanda Maximoff had n...
A Curse of Redamancy (A Curse of a Loving in Return) by Multifandotakugirl
A Curse of Redamancy (A Curse of a...by DCNDKT-LOTS-SOT
"I thought I was meant to be alone in this world for years. I thought I could take it. Then I met you, and suddenly I didn't want to be alone. I have never felt mor...
The Little Avenger by WandaxYn
The Little Avengerby Ash
When you were young, you were taken by Hydra. You dont remember much of your childhood due to being tortured numerous times throughout the years. When the Avengers saved...
Drama queens  ( a Wandanat fiction ) by helyyyya
Drama queens ( a Wandanat fiction...by
This is the last year of highschool for Wanda and her friends . But she doesn't know that this year may be the best she ever had . A new girl, Nat as she loves being cal...
Scarletwidow One Shots by perfxctlynat
Scarletwidow One Shotsby ella <3
one shots written about wanda maximoff and natasha romanoff's relationship!! important milestones: 100k - 23rd of February 2021
Can you let me in? by artworkunlocked
Can you let me in?by artworkunlocked
AU where y/n, codename Surge is a little and no one knows it. Natasha is tasked to take her out but what happens when the woman drops in front of her. Will she complete...
House or Love by Scarletwidow89
House or Loveby Natasha Maximoff
Two girls found each other because of a house. Both of them needs to live in a house together. How will this turn out? Will love bloom between them?
Lab Partners by somebody_I_DontKnow
Lab Partnersby somebody_I_DontKnow
AU - Natasha Romanoff, Nat for her friends, is a straight A student. She even volunteered in Costa Rica for the entire summer. After 2 months of not seeing her friends...
wanda × nat by stabmeaubreyplaza
wanda × natby rosalyn
When Wanda is finally welcomed to The Avengers she makes bonds, friendship and some more than friendships, Wanda and Natasha become close .Nat helps her through her dest...
Let me fight for you/ Wanda X Nat by marvelromanoff04
Let me fight for you/ Wanda X Natby Marvel.Romanoff
This story takes places after the events of Sokovia. Young Maximoff twin, Wanda has been struggling to fit in as an avenger and mourning the death of her twin brother Pi...
Mama is that you - Wanda x Nat (mother x daughter) fic  by avengersobsession
Mama is that you - Wanda x Nat (mo...by avengersobsession
Wanda is left in-front of the avengers doorstep (age 4) with no memory of her past life, Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers take her in but was it a mistake to think she...