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Shadow of demons (modern Male reader x mitsuri) by Nathaniel561
Shadow of demons (modern Male read...by Blackops
It was a normal day in a verdansk solo match people flying around in helicopters people getting hit by cars or the train people camping in the ATC tower at airport peopl...
Lusamine x military husband reader by Nathaniel561
Lusamine x military husband readerby Blackops
While on your travels you caught a ton of Pokémon you then fell in love with a girl named lusamine you then got married and had two kids and named them Lillie and gladi...
Love And War by Katski_Bakugo4life
Love And Warby Katski_Bakugo4life
A hot dude finds a hot girl and shit happens read to find out.
CoD oneshots by shelbyluvfoodies
CoD oneshotsby shelbyluvfoodies
A oneshot book on the modern warfare series I also do black ops and off series CoD games REQUEST ARE OPEN
The veteran Nurse  by izumomolover25
The veteran Nurse by Izumomolover
As Izuku and Momo joined the army they are sent into the same
kids of war zone by wordSpeakingSoul
kids of war zoneby "From simple Steps of Life" (...
Pain about kids of war zone, suffering due to selfish silent leaders
How to Play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's Local Multiplayer Online by brokenlobbies
How to Play Call of Duty Black Ops...by brokenlobbies
Video games have gained immense popularity over years. These games are popular among children as well as adults. 'Call of Duty is a famous name among video game lovers...
Call of Duty (all) Black Ops one shots by ingoadler
Call of Duty (all) Black Ops one s...by ingoadler
requests! start fillin' in! DM me, or comment on my first chapter! I'll do all black ops games, I'm most familiar with BO1-BO3 zombies, BOCW anything, (campaign, multipl...
Scp:Hunter Of The Resh-1 by TheRavenPrimarch
Scp:Hunter Of The Resh-1by Corvus Corax
(Rainbow Six Siege X Call Of Duty X CrossfireX XScp) Resh one the personal bodyguard of the administrator of the scp foundation was task for 10 year to join the Rainbow...
How to see ping in warzone by marthajohnson349
How to see ping in warzoneby
How to see ping in warzone
There's No Place For Love In War by ooflepoofle32
There's No Place For Love In Warby ooflepoofle32
Cold wind ruffles the leaves and his strawberry brown hair. Within this very moment I realize the war will be over in exactly the amount of time it took to cause it; sec...
Black Ops Cold War Strategy Guide by brokenlobbies
Black Ops Cold War Strategy Guideby brokenlobbies
Good news, for computer game enthusiasts. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the topmost game introduced in 2015. During that time, black ops 3 became a top-selling game in...
Rainbow Six: War by your_local_spy
Rainbow Six: Warby Smonk Man
From what was a cause to bring different nations together to fight terrorism around the world has deteriorated to a full out war between two different organizations yet...
Get Assured Deals: HonestBroker Best Property app in India by Anusharana63
Get Assured Deals: HonestBroker Be...by Anusha Rana
Looking for best property app in india? HonestBroker is going to be the best choice for you. It is emerging real estate portal deals across the India. So, visit HonestB...
Marvel vs Capcom. Silver Path by CrossoverGeek
Marvel vs Capcom. Silver Pathby Lex Hernandez.
Luke Sullivan (from Street Fighter V), a former member of US Special Forces, is still in a personal quest to become a man as his late father. During his travels, he ente...
The Unfinished War by TheAnswer1997
The Unfinished Warby
note that this is my first story and I hope u enjoy
Operation GroundHawk  by LucyBlueline
Operation GroundHawk by Lucy
Operation GroundHawk was a U.S Military operation held in a warzone. After hostile soldiers invaded and captured a small refuge town. it was up to the military to captur...
ok good story read it now or ur mom gets it 🫀🔫
Ten Tips to Help Beginners Get Started with Call of Duty by brokenlobbies
Ten Tips to Help Beginners Get Sta...by brokenlobbies
Call of duty is a household name in today's world. Everyone you know has played or knows someone who's played it. However, the game is not the most inviting for players...
《horns and wings》 [dreamxreader] by 55__lara__55
《horns and wings》 [dreamxreader]by 55__lara__55
((ON HOLD kinda lost motivation)) young y/n and her mother puffy are both hybrids there on the run becouse hybrids are dangerouse they need to go back to the lab after...