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WORK OF ART ▹ W. Maximoff ¹ ✓ by rcmanova-
WORK OF ART ▹ W. Maximoff ¹ ✓by v 🍄
𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊 𝐎𝐅 𝐀𝐑𝐓 ❝ Well, duh. It comes with unfrozen ninety-year olds and emotional teenage microwaves.❞ ...
Water Lily Syndrome ☼ Doctor Who by themonochromeartist
Water Lily Syndrome ☼ Doctor Whoby themonochromeartist
Eris Walker drifts so far, you can never get in reach. She's always moving, never once staying in one place. Drifting, and drifting. Like water dripping down a window, i...
A Gift To A Princess Holiday's Heart by Huntercwalls
A Gift To A Princess Holiday's Hea...by Lonely Fanboy48
After going on the beach making tons of friends, knowing more about her counterpart on the cruise and enjoying the Starswirl Festival, Princess Twilight is curious on wh...
Waterlily by TheShowMustGoOn
Waterlilyby Megan
Lily finds peace underwater, using suffocation as a form of escapism from her everyday life. Whilst submerged she doesn't have to worry about her family, her education...
Forgive my Fins: A new point of view by the_writers_block15
Forgive my Fins: A new point of vi...by Tina Carolina
My absolute favorite novel is Forgive my Fins by Tera Lynn Childs. I quickly fell in love with the main love interest, Quince Fletcher and wondered what he though on the...
Waterlily's Art Book! by Turtlejou4Life
Waterlily's Art Book!by Waterlily
I will be posting my art in here! Enjoy!
Shadow x Waterlily- Love Story by AskSomeEevees7
Shadow x Waterlily- Love Storyby AskSomeEevees7 (MOVED)
First love story! A young female Vaporeon is confused as a Umbreon who usually keeps to himself shows interest in her!
Poetic Scenery by lunejeilan
Poetic Sceneryby J.J.G.G.
Discovering a scenery; Traveling through a poetry. It's an adventure, undoubtedly!🍂 (a compilation of short and long poems about different sceneries)
Lily by ShatteredFantasist
Lilyby Fantasist
A water lily comes to life 2015-2016
Flarestar's Destiny by Waterlilythewarrior
Flarestar's Destinyby ~-Water•Lily-~
When her life is turned upside down, Flarestar must find a way to fulfill the prophecy she was given as a young apprentice. But as the dark forest rises once again from...
My Water Lily by X_Kathy_Mary
My Water Lilyby X KM
It's funny how our minds can play tricks on us when we aren't with the people we love.
Loneliness of the Night by Miss_Tyong
Loneliness of the Nightby Miss_Tyong
Fleeting image of a maiden on a moonlit night. Was she just a fragment of imagination or olden tales do really live? Eternal love rises to the heavens, unhindered by tri...
Последен орден - ВОДНА ЛИЛИЯ by ChristopherDimov
Последен орден - ВОДНА ЛИЛИЯby Christopher Dimov
"Водна лилия" е книга първа от поредицата "ПОСЛЕДЕН ОРДЕН". В тази история ще проследите живота на Дилън. Момче със специални сили, които този свят н...
Lily Lost by D_avina
Lily Lostby D_avina
Join Ren as she embarks on an adventure with ghostly demons, lost souls and more! It includes romance, time-travelling and horror. Read as you will see Rens past unfold.