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THE NIGHT EMPEROR: 夜安王 【The Night Emperor Book 1】| ✔️ by __syyh__
THE NIGHT EMPEROR: 夜安王 【The Night...by 水月雨花
☑ COMPLETED "There are enough bad things in life, hold on to whatever it is that gives you joy." For the past 22 years, the Empress Mother has held onto the Dr...
Asian Mythology and Folklore Anthology by WattpadAsianFantasy
Asian Mythology and Folklore Antho...by Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
The spirits grow restless...in order to continue your journey to becoming a revered immortal, you must learn about the creatures who live in darkness. This book is a col...
So You Want To Be Immortal? Anthology by WattpadAsianFantasy
So You Want To Be Immortal? Anthol...by Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
A collection of author interviews, reviews, and winning contest entries.
Enduring Like the Plum in Winter by lavenderstar
Enduring Like the Plum in Winterby Lauren
*WattpadAsianFantasy's Grand Winner, Asian Mythology and Folklore All Star Award, and Favorite World Award winner for the Immortal's Conquest contest* Ruomei is a young...
The Disciple's Way Contest Book by WattpadAsianFantasy
The Disciple's Way Contest Bookby Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
Cultivate your abilities by joining in on our monthly contests, where we will challenge you to write a new entry revolving around one of our prompts. What kind of discip...
Asian Fantasy Recommendations by WattpadAsianFantasy
Asian Fantasy Recommendationsby Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
Every month, we will feature an Asian drama, movie, comic, or book to recommend to the Wattpad community!
Book Club of the Seven Realms by WattpadAsianFantasy
Book Club of the Seven Realmsby Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
A book club dedicated to Asian and Asian-American Fiction on Wattpad. For more information about joining, please check out this book!
To Fend A Fiend by Blood_doctor
To Fend A Fiendby A.M. Fissy
When Rubica Huang goes to live with her grand parent in her hometown, she learns that, her ancestors were dragonslayers and she should as well as learn the skills of sla...
fate 緣分 ✓ | a short story by CallistoLee
fate 緣分 ✓ | a short storyby Callisto Lee
Ye Xingchui meets a snake claiming to be a dragon. He doesn't expect to meet the boy who will change his life. - Written for @WattpadAsianFantasy's prompt for the Will Y...
Profile Guide by WattpadAsianFantasy
Profile Guideby Asian Fantasy | Ambassadors
Information about the Wattpad Asian Fantasy profile, contests and events, and reading lists!