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Cursed|| Harry Potter [1] by NutellaEmpress
Cursed|| Harry Potter [1]by Nutella Empress
Lyra Malfoy is Draco's Twin Sister. It tradition for The Malfoys to go in Slytherin. What will happen if she goes into Gryffindor? Find out in Cursed... Read and find...
Yours Forever (COMPLETED)  by mishsassypaul
Yours Forever (COMPLETED) by mishsassypaul
Kiara Sharma, the most prettiest and popular girl of St. Xaviars High School. She is the brilliant student and is loved by all teachers. She is so simple girl, and never...
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Completed] by monalee_09
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Complete...by M
This is my second Manan story... jump in to the bumpy ride to see if love actually happens or not...
Silver Time Capsule by rowena_nightingale
Silver Time Capsuleby Rowena/Andi
******************** Cover by @MichelleManisha ******************** Everyone remembers that day, November 9th 2016, when a team defeated a terrorist organization that w...
Not Always The Hero // (Percy Jackson x Peter Parker) by fandomsandfables
Not Always The Hero // (Percy Jack...by Babs McB
Percy Jackson x Peter Parker Percy moves back with Sally and Paul after the aftermath of the Second Giants War. There he meets his neighbor, Peter Parker. A surprising f...
Shut Up, Padfoot! by Lana_theterror
Shut Up, Padfoot!by Lana
"Cry! Take that whip cream out of your mouth this instant!" The loud and fake obnoxious voice echoes across the Gryffindor table. The intended girl, Cry, laugh...
Asa no Yumi (Akatsuki no Yona) by Rin_Kazumi_10
Asa no Yumi (Akatsuki no Yona)by Kazumi
This is the story of a Cyan Dragon Warrior who was born with her young sister, the Crimson Dragon. Before that she was also an Akatsuki no Yona fan and got reborn into A...
· A B U S E D· (Twenty One Pilots Fanfiction) by leaveamsg
· A B U S E D· (Twenty One Pilots...by Yuka Meo
'You don't know the half of the abuse..' (TW: suicide, abuse, self harm, sexual assault, depression, suicidal thoughts) Top tags! #3 for TylerJoseph #1 for JoshuaDun
"princess" // billy hargrove [DELETED] by avenging-fandoms
"princess" // billy hargrove [DELE...by b
as the chief's daughter, lacey-mae is supposed to be nice, date the right people, and not get into any trouble. but all of that changes when the new kid billy hargrove c...
ACE OF HEARTS ( mike wheeler! ) by sameezyy
ACE OF HEARTS ( mike wheeler! )by vee
❝I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY BAD REPUTATION❞ in which mike wheeler falls for the kid sister of steve harrington. [mike wheeler x fem!oc] HI...
Reading Confused By Time by goodygoodi
Reading Confused By Timeby Jaylene Iris
Summary: Reading about Percy Jackson, join his story when he doesn't make it out of the pit Annabeth managed to escape Tartarus and join the seven in the war against Gae...
Fate (A Bleach Fanfiction) by alexis2368
Fate (A Bleach Fanfiction)by Alexis Scott
So we all know the loving, orange haired 15 year old named Ichigo Kurosaki, well he has a twin sister other than Karin and Yuzu. Her name is Kuroki Kurosaki. She happens...
Popularity « Vylad X Reader » COMPLETE BOOK ONE by ineedsleephelpme
Popularity « Vylad X Reader » COMP...by b is back
My names Y/N L/N,I'm the most popular girl in Phoenix Drop High. Yes,All the boys are all over me and follow me everywhere,I'm not interested in any of them actually. Un...
When The Day Comes (Rewritten Version) by Jie_dell
When The Day Comes (Rewritten Vers...by JieWrites
"It was hard loving someone who you know will never be yours.....Or at least even if you fight, in the end. You know your heart's gonna get broken anyway." Is...
Another BFB Chat Fic. What a shame. by Object_Paradise
Another BFB Chat Fic. What a shame.by Luna
Yeet. Inspired by @smollerJeweled 's BFB Chat au Friends. Theirs is much more superior to the trash I made. Praise the BFB Crack God.
Poison Love (Young Justice, Super Boy Fan Fiction) by OtakuQueen95
Poison Love (Young Justice, Super...by Rachel
We've seen the children and 'sidekicks' of all the Justice League join the Young Justice league but what about the children of the villains. This is my idea for what ha...
The Unnoticed Billionaire by LauraEBrown
The Unnoticed Billionaireby Laura Brown
Now available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4PK3JQ3 [Sample] As far as Elena Wilson is concerned, Kai Davis destroyed their lives, and t...
vhope smut - one shots  by cravingsmut
vhope smut - one shots by Taesboxers
just vhope smut for those vhope fans WARNING SMUT random one shots with v-hope/taeseok Switching doms and subs -STILL EDITING- You don't have to read them in order ^_^
Suara by arsyhs_
Suaraby miegoreng
Ini tentang Suara hatiku mencintaimu. Urusan Suara hatimu mencintaiku atau tidak, Entahlah, hanya Tuhan dan dirimu yang tahu.
Beautiful Boys 2  by passion_alight23
Beautiful Boys 2 by #BLM
Welcome to part 2 of my other book, Beautiful Boys. Hope you enjoy reading this book like you have with the other one [Highest rank: #961 in beautiful]