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Samantha Parker [OUTLAST] Story by unicornL4
Samantha Parker [OUTLAST] Storyby *AngelCupcakeDemon*
💖🍓Samantha Parker is my own Character that I created in 2020.❤️🍓 Real Name: Samantha/Samara/ Parker Nickname: Samara, Sam Parker _________________________ Attributes ...
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AU by _Jeff1e_
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AUby _Jeff1e_
(If you Enjoy this Please give a Follow to Motivate me further in Writing this for you guys.) (In this Alternate Universe Eddie Gluskin Survived the Gash Wound he got wi...
Outlast Preferences and Boyfriend Scenarios by ThatPurpleSlacker
Outlast Preferences and Boyfriend...by H I A T U S
Alrighty, so this is just a selection of preferences and boyfriend scenarios for everyone's favorite Outlast characters. I'll be writing for Eddie Gluskin, Miles Upshur...
Descent To Madness (Outlast Fanfic) by darboh-
Descent To Madness (Outlast Fanfic)by Raven
"Guess we are complete idiots." "Yeah well, we've done worse." Ravyn and Korbyn Messorem are siblings assigned to go to Mount Massive as undercover p...
Outlasted: An Outlast Fanfiction (2.0) by -thelyingcandor
Outlasted: An Outlast Fanfiction (...by 𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶𝒽 𝓇.
Everyone, it is time for you all to meet the descendants of Mount Massive. Their fathers all went down in history--three as mass murdering psychopaths, one as the greate...
The 3 Protaganists Headcanons by ArachniDoctor
The 3 Protaganists Headcanonsby A.D.
My headcanons for the 3 Outlast Protaganists, Miles Upshur, Waylon Park and Blake Langermann! (Also ft. Eddie Gluskin, Walrider and Possessed Miles Upshur ever 5 chapter...
Outlast self insertion by Creativeguy1
Outlast self insertionby Nickka
Me and DJWUBS in Outlast. The first one, not the second one. Outlast and its characters belong to Red Barrels.
Your Scars are My Scars (Eddie Gluskin fanfiction) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] by saltyasswriter
Your Scars are My Scars (Eddie Glu...by Yours Truly~
((IMPORTANT NOTE: this fanfic has been taken down for HEAVY duty editing. There will be a chapter posted once it has been edited.)) Paige Archer was a newly hired thera...
《Outlast Fanfic》 Waylon+Miles by _ButterBun_
《Outlast Fanfic》 Waylon+Milesby Mars
I've gotten into the Outlast fandom and I have absolutely no regrets :0 And during the first one and Whistleblower, I thought it wouldve been hella cool to have Waylon a...
Surviving Mount Massive Asylum.  by AngelGothBaby
Surviving Mount Massive Asylum. by Din
I hate this story with so much passion you don't even know. I wouldn't read it if I was you. But go ahead if you really want too. Insanity The definition of insanity, i...
Your my little Uphur~ Welrider (Billy) X Miles Uphur /OUTLAST/ by unicornL4
Your my little Uphur~ Welrider (Bi...by *AngelCupcakeDemon*
💖🍓We Ship Miles X Walrider! They are cute together💖💕🍓 Any haters that don't like the ship. Don't read then💢
{♡Love Host♡} Miles Upshur x Billy Hope (Outlast) by justaSaimotashipper
{♡Love Host♡} Miles Upshur x Billy...by justaSaimotashipper
I just finished Outlast and Outlast whistleblower so I wanted to write a fanfic on it. forgive me if some things are off, I kinda just started getting into Outlast lore...
Escape - Outlast [COMPLETED] by raygunx
Escape - Outlast [COMPLETED]by raygunx
You're locked in the Mount Massive Asylum. When the shit hits the fan, you need to get out, but you've to find Waylon Park, your best friend, first. Along your adventure...
Unos Cuantos Besos/ Eddie Gluskin X Waylon Park by Amane_idiota
Unos Cuantos Besos/ Eddie Gluskin...by Amane_idiota
Cinco pequeños besos marcan la vida de esta 'pareja'.
Lost in the Dark - Little Nightmares x Outlast by AMinecraftCreeper
Lost in the Dark - Little Nightmar...by Is this the real life?
Investigative journalist Miles Upshur explores The Maw after receiving an anonymous tip about the ship. 100 reads- 5/5/2018
Evil Born /Original Story/ (Samantha Parker) by PatienceL4
Evil Born /Original Story/ (Samant...by *AngelCupcakeDemon*
Main Character: Samantha Parker -------------------------- Characters: Samantha Parker Anna Parker (Mother) Steve Parker (Father) Gregory Parker (Older Brother) Clara Pa...
Outlast-I'll save everyone  by ILoveNekos21
Outlast-I'll save everyone by ILoveNekos21
Clara Danson get a new job at the Mount Massive Asylum called "Murkoff Corporation". She is thinking, that she'll just helping the patients there. But she find...
Don't Save Me by middleofgunfight
Don't Save Meby middleofgunfight
Jeremy found out that Waylon blowed the whistle on him.
Meeting Mr. Blaire by KarsenSnow-2014
Meeting Mr. Blaireby Karsen ❄️
Kayla Johnson is a young woman who is trying to get a job at Mount Massive Asylum. After she submitted her paperwork, she goes to a bar and meets a man named Jeremy Blai...
Dead Guys Gang by walriderplier
Dead Guys Gangby violet
a group text between Miles Upshur, Waylon Park, and Blake Langermann. [A/U story, meaning I may include some characters who in the real outlast universe are dead]