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•AoT Text Messages• by chlnrinq
•AoT Text Messages•by chlnrinq
The title says it all, this is just a collection of texts sent between AoT characters in both the setting of their own world and the modern world with some crossovers an...
Complicated by dreamyjaedxn
Complicatedby dreamyjaedxn
"He still likes her, doesn't he?" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A Jaeden Lieberher X Reader story.
NaLu One Shots + More Coming Soon [ON HOLD] by SenpaiWrites
NaLu One Shots + More Coming Soon...by Senpai Writes
Welcome to NaLu one shots! In this book you will discover many short fluffy one shots between the pairing Lucy and Natsu! Please stay tuned for more requests!
weeb ;; jikook  by PINKYYJAE
weeb ;; jikook by 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐌𝐈𝐍.
In an au where Jeon Jungkook a weaboo finds another weaboo Park Jimin
Top 10 romance anime by Oneshotloli
Top 10 romance animeby Oneshotloli
This is purely based on my opinion, I don't claim to be an expert critic or anything just your average day to day weaboo. The list is in no particular order, enjoyyy :)))
otp by calqlate
otpby ˗ˏˋ 𝐐𝐐 ˎˊ˗
it's a crazy thing called shipping your friends. one word: oneshot. ··· ➳ book 1 of the otp series ··· © calqlate 2017 ships oneshots.
OC  by WolfCola50
this is another part of the club. I can't fit all the YouTube stuff sooo
Your First Dream (Anime/Fandom) by Seraph_of_the_butler
Your First Dream (Anime/Fandom)by Seraph_of_the_butler
What's the first thing you do after you wake up from an awesome dream? Well "tonight" this dream you're having is your dream come true (lol) Go ahead, watch s...
Internet Wildlife by Murabito_Clan
Internet Wildlifeby Murabito_Clan
Learn how to spot any internet species with this convenient guide.
Anime and Kpop Pictures by AnimeJokersCoochie
Anime and Kpop Picturesby WeebBL
Anime and Kpop Pictures I screenshoted or saved. I'm exposing my self.
Essence of the Black Sky by KurozumaSora
Essence of the Black Skyby Kurozuma Sora
Kurozuma Sora, a teenage boy that had live in a society where everyone is gifted with a magical power called, "Essence." When Kuro had enrolled at Junior Highs...
Senpai Won't Notice by _Sapph_
Senpai Won't Noticeby Tomato OwO
Her senpai won't notice her. She doesn't want to be the side friend. "I just want her to like me..." [Literal warning: might be a bit weaboo-ish]
My first story by ShardOnline
My first storyby ShardOnline
It is greater than anything written by anyone. Shakespeare would bow down to my expertise in literature.
Taylor does Chainsaw Man by TRm_Originals_2
Taylor does Chainsaw Manby Taylor Marroquin
Taylor gets sucked into the chainsaw man and he can't get out
Art Book N°1 by GodPhobic
Art Book N°1by S c r e e
All pics here correspond to me, unless I say so, The cover pic is made by BoreLightArt on Deviantart.
Hitler comes back to life:Reloaded by Poopyfaceisfresh
Hitler comes back to life:Reloadedby Poopyfaceisfresh
In this amazing sequel, Hitler has came back to life in order to perform a coup d'tat on President Poppy Nose.
Aesthetic  Usernames For Wattpad by GayShips4dayzzzz
Aesthetic Usernames For Wattpadby satans dad
Enjoy Brought to you by taekook 👉👈
Clicheville by LittleMissDictator
Clichevilleby Mel
Do you love unrealistic vampire and werewolf love triangles? Do you live for boring, unrelateable, one dimensional characters who have absolutely no flaws whatsoever? Do...