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Will They Notice Me? by CushiCushi
Will They Notice Me?by CushiCushi
(Y,N), nobody knew him. He was always ignored and didn't have anyone with him. Team RWBY and JNPR always were the attention in school, everyone likes them. no one even p...
Broken Bond (Neglected/Abused Greninja! Reader X Rwby) by Exe_265
Broken Bond (Neglected/Abused Gren...by Bloodhound.Exe
(this is a remake/continuation of the story from my old account) Y/N has always been the quiet kid in all of his classes, especially since everyone found out about what...
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader Oc X RWBY by DeadFizh08
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader...by DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Y/n D. L/n and this is my journey to how to become the world's Greatest Swordsman in Remnant's history in the group of Team RWBY.
A Thorned Ghost: Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY by gridcz1
A Thorned Ghost: Abused and Neglec...by GRIDcz1
Y/N Rose was nothing but a punching bag to his 'family' and this is his story. I do not own RWBY, all rights belongs to their rightful owner Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male Reader X RWBY Harem] by stevethealbino
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male Re...by stevethealbino
(Y/n) always never gave a crap about what others thought about him, maybe that was one of the reasons why he was such a trouble maker? But now he's in Beacon where his m...
Unquenchable Fighter: RWBY X Male Reader by TheSpectre21
Unquenchable Fighter: RWBY X Male...by Spectre
There were a pair of brothers that were considered future huntsman prodigies. The oldest was the most admired, and his younger brother was considered the most dependable...
Welcome to Earth  by Ninjacomix
Welcome to Earth by Ninjacomix
its was another normal day for Y/n as he went back to his house as he lives alone since his parents......passed and since he didn't have many friends in school he doesn...
Team RWBY Reacts to Dragon Ball FighterZ (Remastered) by AzureSiege2001
Team RWBY Reacts to Dragon Ball Fi...by EgyptianGod2001
This is a remastered version of "Team RWBY Reacts to Dragon Ball FighterZ".
Battle Scars (Yang x Male Reader) RWBY Vol. 1 by Darkdragon647
Battle Scars (Yang x Male Reader)...by Super Soldier
You are Adam Taurus' twin brother. You and your brother Adam both grew up in an abusive household which eventually led you and your brother to join the White Fang. The t...
RWBY Harem x Sparda Male Reader by sambamhaw
RWBY Harem x Sparda Male Readerby sambamhaw
Found on the doorstep of the Rose/Branwen/Xiao Long family, Y/N Rose was raised with love and dreams of attending Beacon with his sisters but what happens when he finds...
A Remnant of Death ( Weiss X OP Persona 3 Mc) Complete by SadisticDrake
A Remnant of Death ( Weiss X OP Pe...by Isthrómélios Writing Group
Nothing to see here just a random author that decided to throw P3MC into the RWBY verse None of the characters are mine except for a few that I'll make. RWBY belongs to...
The Schnee Cyborg  by Dunked_oN
The Schnee Cyborg by Dunked_oN
'After being adopted into the Schnee family a young boy finds his luck turning for the better, however when one fateful night he is caught in an attack from a radical te...
negativity || gojo satoru by istanpeoplesowat
negativity || gojo satoruby klutz
!SLIGHT MANGA SPOILERS! { a gojo-centric crossover into RWBY } Prison-chan was mean. Prison-chan wouldn't let him out. He even gave it a name! Treated it like an actual...
Weiss X Male Reader: Hidden Love by Super_Human456
Weiss X Male Reader: Hidden Loveby Super Human456
You and Weiss Schnee love each other with all your hearts. Problem is, no one is suppose to know about it. Clarification: This is probably, the worse thing I have wri...
Fate stay Night Remnant (emiya x weiss) vol 1-vol 8 by emiya529440
Fate stay Night Remnant (emiya x w...by Prometheus
after unlimited blade works archer is called from gia and has told him he has been released and can start a new life if he chooses archer agrees and is reborn into remna...
The City of the Banished (RWBY X Bullied!Cheated! Male Reader) AU by Th3_Sl4y3r
The City of the Banished (RWBY X B...by ArandocalledSlayer
A City On an Island Away from civilization for The Banished, People who were Banished from kingdoms and no other kingdoms want to accept them a city where people live in...
The Weak RWBY X Malereader by Wolfinator12
The Weak RWBY X Malereaderby Wolfinator
The story of a boy, which people only know as the brother of one of the strongest Huntsman, finally making himself known. His whole life he was in the shadow of others...
Team RWBY Reacts to Dragon Ball FighterZ (Discontinued) by AzureSiege2001
Team RWBY Reacts to Dragon Ball Fi...by EgyptianGod2001
The Breach has been taken care of. However, our young Huntresses feel like this isn't over. And by chance, like a message from the gods, came a box that can help them in...
The Warframe On Remnant by ConAuthor285
The Warframe On Remnantby Tanaka Orakyo
A Tenno named Sybarin with his Excalibur goes on an Extermination mission to the Void but accidentally triggers an energy wave that takes him to a new world out of the O...
The Aegis of Remnant by TrapMaster20
The Aegis of Remnantby TrapMaster20
After Y/n saw the reveal of Pyra/Mythra for Smash, he was overjoyed. However, right before the day of release, he died. Now he's exploring this new world with the powers...