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WTTSH/WTTT book IG (wait why is it all california-) by nah_fam_I_am_good
WTTSH/WTTT book IG (wait why is it...by mywilltoliveleftmelikemydad
*monotone screaming* I like California, but I'm depressed so yeah so vodka anybody just kidding I can't drink yet :/ uhhhhhhhhhhhh bully me in the comments No characters...
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Oneshots and Headcanons by CreativityPhoenix
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table On...by Creativity Unrestrained
A place for me to put my shorter oneshots that I can't justify as standalone pieces and my headcanons for the different states. Goes into the shenanigans of the Statehou...
Welcome to the table one shots cause I'm bored by Cantal0p3z
Welcome to the table one shots cau...by Elias
I'll do request but if I have something that i feel can't be made into a story or is a random spur I'll post it here
Fitting His Views (texacali) by 4Technical2Error0
Fitting His Views (texacali)by human
undeniably the state house has.. conflicts. in this story we have a large focus on California and Texas. yes this has many based current events, I will put TWs on p...
Ben Brainard/WTTT Headcannons by nypanj
Ben Brainard/WTTT Headcannonsby howfun
It has Ben Brainard Headcannons Edit: This has come off the hinges a bit so it's a bit weird Edit 2: Completely ignore the introduction the book is officially me post wh...
Statehouse Rules by bayboo20
Statehouse Rulesby bayboo20
A collection of one-shots. With 50+ people living in one house, there are bound to be some rules. Here are a few of those rules, and how they came to be.
Welcome to the Statehouse (Headcanons and Oneshots) by NorthboundMagic
Welcome to the Statehouse (Headcan...by NorthboundMagic
I do not apologize if this ends up being mostly injury angst because I love writing injury angst :) Also, this is based off of the yt series by Ben Brainard.
Friendship (Welcome to the table fic) [DISCONTINUED] by Cantal0p3z
Friendship (Welcome to the table f...by Elias
Gov forces the two largest states to make friends, originally posted on my Tumblr 3li4z or -Elias!-
DC Headcanons 2: Electric Boogaloo by guessimdemons92
DC Headcanons 2: Electric Boogalooby guessimdemons
Because Wattpad makes chapter limits I GUESS *Ben for the love of god please don't read this trash*
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gained A Boyfriend) by Sevenc94
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gain...by Sevenc94
Fic about California and Texas from Ben Brainard's welcome to the Statehouse series. Just a little ship fic. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Statehouse Thoughts & Headcannons by AnanaPanini
Statehouse Thoughts & Headcannonsby Tired Pinapple
Headcannons, things I've noticed in canon, and random ideas
NSFW Statehouse Works by DaneetheRockstar
NSFW Statehouse Worksby DaneetheRockstar
A soon to be collection of my nsfw stories of Welcome to the Statehouse/the Table stories.
State house SIMS4 and head cannons and one shot by Emilygomse
State house SIMS4 and head cannons...by Emlovesstates
Based on welcome to the state house In the Sims four
Welcome to the table X reader by Emilygomse
Welcome to the table X readerby Emlovesstates
Hey, this is my first ever X reader book so bear with me here
wttt / wttsh head cannons, Angst Shots, AUs by 4Technical2Error0
wttt / wttsh head cannons, Angst S...by human
no this isn't country humans or state humans, this is headcannons based off of Ben brainards states