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Hunting Season by DoctorRockhard
Hunting Seasonby Doctor Rockhard
#1 in Wendigo 05/28 #1 in Darkromance 05/16 #1 in Monsterromance 05/18 #2 in Horror 05/27 #2 in Dark 05/21 #9 in Romance 05/13 *COMPLETED* A cursed forest. A string of m...
Wendigo Josh x Reader | Until Dawn | by Superxnatural_
Wendigo Josh x Reader | Until Dawn...by Jay
After the events of Until Dawn. Girlfriend, [Y/N], went back to the mines to search for her lost boyfriend, Josh. Horrifically she found him, alive, but different. Can...
MOVIE STAR  ►  UNTIL DAWN by PurpleHoundour
After the unspeakable tragedy of last year, Charlie Pruitt never would've guessed she'd leave her sunny safe haven in California and return to that mountain. A mountain...
Spirits Call ~ Villain Izuku by SongOfTheRains
Spirits Call ~ Villain Izukuby Song Of The Rains
When you're bullied every day for your entire childhood you might as well give up, right? Izuku did, until he learns of the many quirks he possesses and he discovers ho...
•Wendigo• ||BNHA x M!Reader|| by C____A____R
•Wendigo• ||BNHA x M!Reader||by A N I K I
A dark laugh escaped my lips as I looked across the steel table at my companion. "And what makes you think me going there will even do anything?" I questioned...
Chaos Theory ° Until Dawn ✓ by depurate
Chaos Theory ° Until Dawn ✓by semi-hiatus
CHAOS THEORY. ❝ If you ever fucking do that again, it'll be you on the receiving end of the bullet. ❞ There were two things you could guarantee about Wil...
Monster boyfriend imagines  by raekentalbot
Monster boyfriend imagines by Serpent queen 🐍🐍
About monster-boyfriends can send requests in if want to it will be Morden and also medieval
Monsters x Reader one shots by MMA1999
Monsters x Reader one shotsby Bluestar Cat
I've kind of been reading more monster stories lately and thought "oh this could be fun if I wrote one shots." Simply for fun if you love these things that spo...
What Are You?(Yandere!Wendigo X Reader) by AchadPansexual
What Are You?(Yandere!Wendigo X Re...by Corrin Atlas
[Modern AU] ~》°♡°~《 "Why do you smell so-sweet~ I just wanna gobble you up" The tall creature says before taking of its mask and shrinking do...
Wendigo by newt250na1031
Wendigoby A King
(Disclaimer before you read this. This story I wrote when I was younger and a lot of things don't make sense in it. I'd know I've read it and it is confusing. I was tryi...
Rosario + Vampire  Wendigo by Dontknowaboutthis
Rosario + Vampire Wendigoby Dontknowaboutthis
Whether in the form of a beast or a spiritual entity, the Wendigo possesses supernatural abilities that make it impossible to escape. Despite its gaunt figure, it is unn...
Beauty of The Grotesque  by _Rixen
Beauty of The Grotesque by _Rixen
Donna Beneviento x Female Wendigo reader (Modern day deer interpretation) Hunger. Hunger was all that continued to drive you forward in this vicious cycle.. for so many...
✓ Safeguard ♱ Stiles Stilinski ¹ by boysrot
✓ Safeguard ♱ Stiles Stilinski ¹by fifi
In the abandoned corridors of my heart I still hear your footsteps, they echo late at night. They haunt me, I must make it stop. Teen Wolf / Stiles Stilinski Safe...
Golden future (Hunter fanfic) by IloveDAGames
Golden future (Hunter fanfic)by Vanity_Creator
Belos maybe handsome as hell but he's a a baaaaad man!
SILHOUETTE, until dawn by bobafettuccine
SILHOUETTE, until dawnby 𝖅𝖔𝖊
❝ there's nothing i can see; darkness becomes me... ❞ ( story by bobafettucine ) ( until dawn; female oc ) ( cover...
Salvation [Until Dawn] by SlytherinScum
Salvation [Until Dawn]by H
During the winter of 2014, Gwendolyn Winchester lost her best friend, Beth Washington, and her twin sister, Hannah Washington. Since then, months have passed by and Gwen...
AVALANCHES, until dawn ✔️ by sporadicstarsx
AVALANCHES, until dawn ✔️by ꧁༺ 𝘼𝙡𝙡𝙮 ༻꧂
A year after the tragedy at Mount Washington, Willow Drake and eight of her friends return to the lodge to find something sinister lurking around its borders. UNTIL DAWN
Waiting Until Dawn {Mike Monroe x Reader} by FandomQuack
Waiting Until Dawn {Mike Monroe x...by FandomQuack
"Back to this hellhole, huh?" "I wouldn't call it a hellhole" He mutters. "Oh, but I would." I snap harshly. He almost flinches. "(Y/n...
Teen Wolf | Imagines & Preferences  by astrobre
Teen Wolf | Imagines & Preferences by astrobre
-imagines/gifs/scenarios from the tv show teen wolf -includes all characters male and female DISCLAIMER: i put this book together when i was fourteen years old so fair...