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McDonald's x Wendy's x burger king by rats_on_pasta
McDonald's x Wendy's x burger kingby rats_on_pasta
indirect threesome,other restaurants ,death,mhmmm
Chain of Command by TenebraeAffliction
Chain of Commandby TenebraeAffliction
Countless diverse kingdoms, divided by war and unrest. In a tale of bloodshed, deceit, woe, love, betrayal, and revenge, the leaders of these kingdoms fight to retain a...
the only good emo bakudeku fanfic !! ft. william afton and light yagami by uwuhbanana2
the only good emo bakudeku fanfic...by hot attractive man
~in a magical place where everyone except for christians are emo, two homosexuals go on many cursed, assfilled, emo adventures!~ /// ~ft. emo 7 ft tall hot alpha chad ba...
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Love, Limeade and Deception. by wendys
Love, Limeade and Deception.by Wendy's
Sheila was in love with Edward, there was no doubt about it. Their shared passion for Wendy's Limeade created an unbreakable connection ... or so she thought. Edward had...
Little Wendy Can't Get Comfy: A $3 Breakfast Bedtime Story by wendys
Little Wendy Can't Get Comfy: A $3...by Wendy's
Little Wendy was done for the day, so she rested her head and tried to go to bed. But she tossed, turned and couldn't get cozy and this night was going to be a doozy. Sh...
The Final Straw(berry Lemonade) by wendys
The Final Straw(berry Lemonade)by Wendy's
After breaking up with her high school sweetheart, Jessica begins to question herself and loses all hope of ever finding love. Fortunately, as fate would have it, she di...
hello kitty and the clone army  by Bossperson1238
hello kitty and the clone army by Bossperson1238
hello kitty fights a bunch of dead tadpoles and emojis with a clone army Art is not mine
OmegaBox by Axel_Ax13
OmegaBoxby 0_20F4nd0m_Fr34k_0
the tale from just being friends to making drama with "foes" having "romance" and lots of tea
The Lemonade Charade by wendys
The Lemonade Charadeby Wendy's
They say "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well, what do you do when life gives you a pink slip for no reason? Laura Saunders was unjustly let go fr...
Tales from Wendys by RandomRalts
Tales from Wendysby RandomRalts
So I work at my local Wendys. I've been there for about 4 years and I hate it, mainly my coworkers. But I have seen a lot of stuff go down and that's what this book is...
Age is just a number |Tommyinnit x Queen Elizabeth II | by toiletcarpet
Age is just a number |Tommyinnit x...by riley
Fattening~Desire by damnitsnotgay
Lol Wendy's x McDonald's fanfic I wrote bc I am a sinner piece of trash. Kill me now please. All art goes to its owners k? Btw guys this is a complete joke none of this...
Do You Want Fries With That? by jellybeantarot
Do You Want Fries With That?by jellybeantarot
Harry really, really needed some money, Dumbledore needed someone to dress up as Wendy, and Tom was the only one with the desperation to be Ronald McDonald. The sequel...
harry styels and me vape together by sourpunchjess
harry styels and me vape togetherby jess
harry styles kidnaps me and turns me into a vampire we then maybe get married who knows
The Adventures of Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee by Doroken
The Adventures of Kirby and Bandan...by Bazinga
What happens when everyone's favorite pink puffball takes a simple trip to McDonald's, but gets caught up in a war between all the major fast-food chains? This story sta...
Be Your McLovin by AHellResident
Be Your McLovinby AHellResident
Ronald McDonald x The Burger King No I will not pay for your therapy Be creative with your sentencings to hell because I will see you there! Plz don't sue me McDonalds/B...
Little Wendy Needs To Sleep: A $3 Breakfast Bedtime Story by wendys
Little Wendy Needs To Sleep: A $3...by Wendy's
Little Wendy was ready to go off to dreamland. She got into her warm square bed but her mind went round and round and sleep was nowhere to be found. What she really need...
Wendy's X Starbucks  by RichMoneySwag
Wendy's X Starbucks by R.I.P Cam😭❤️
Just your borderline fan fiction of two fast food restaurants being shipped together, especially the unlikely (I guess?) Hahaha, weird right?! Starbucks and Wendy's, ple...
Wendy's and McDonalds/ smut by uhbarkmeow
Wendy's and McDonalds/ smutby Uh bark meow
I was bored so don't yell at me for it not being good and it's my only story I've ever published so shush
Crack one shots  by gay_trash_69
Crack one shots by Gay_trash_69
Umm I got this idea from some comments on a treebros fic and Decided to make a crack oneshot book so yea This the book https://my.w.tt/5Tk5kGVLK4 THERE WILL BE SMUT F...