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SPEECHLESS  ~ S. Evans by MacAndCheese2003
SPEECHLESS ~ S. Evansby VoidLahey14
In which a shy cheerio falls for the blonde new boy. ~~~~~ "It's kinda like, before you showed up, I always knew that I had a voice. But I felt Speechless, Like I c...
Munteanu If You're Nasty by KingChalcedony
Munteanu If You're Nastyby The Anxious Creative
Mini stories with Mr. Big Nasty himself
Carl and Nick by lovecharmforyou
Carl and Nickby c.g
carl loved nick. he really did.
Blue Gloop by ZAyDE_switch
Blue Gloopby Jan Liiie
Ben wants nothing more, but to be wanted. Things seem gloomy though. After all who would want a kid who only talks about parallel universes and time travel? Ben has been...
Zayn's One Shots by ZaanaBanana1d
Zayn's One Shotsby Briana
A bunch of Zayn one shots I decided to write for my Zayn girls out there.
PRETTYMUCH (Picture Preferences) by Legit_Liyah
PRETTYMUCH (Picture Preferences)by Aliyah Lopez
I just recently came across this band and figured i would do a preference about them.
Lady White Chocoholic  by MuUpsilon
Lady White Chocoholic by MuUpsilon
Honestly, I like white chocolate. No doubt.
Catcher gourmet flavoured sauce by catchergourmet
Catcher gourmet flavoured sauceby Catcher Gourmet
Catcher Gourmet Sauce Line Catcher Gourmet is proud to offer our customers a premier line of flavored sauces to enhance your food and drink menu items. These rich, sweet...
Pim The Witch: Series 1: Welcome To Public School Part 3 by Natashanomed
Pim The Witch: Series 1: Welcome T...by Natashanomed
The class is studying on white chocolate. Pim And Felina were working together until some thing weird happened to Pim's finger.
The Naylias Information (Updated) by dragonballmahou
The Naylias Information (Updated)by dragon ball Mahou
Learn about 12 powerful Team known as the Naylias Con-nights: Here this you need to know about con-nights They cannot age at all. I mean they can if they ask Thr shine...
JAILBIRDS | C.G. by WavesofOblivion
JAILBIRDS | C.G.by WavesofOblivion
Regina has been in juvenile prison for two years now and is the leader of the pack. She runs the Girls Ward (G1), but what will happen when the prison becomes co-Ed and...