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The Enemies Become Brothers (Eng ver) by Eimume
The Enemies Become Brothers (Eng v...by Eimume
What if your Enemy that you want to kill before, become your sibling in your next life? That thought never crossed my mind and that why I wrote this fic. ( Original auth...
Play The Goddesses Game(Tcf)  by NeonWritter
Play The Goddesses Game(Tcf) by NeonWritter
In this Fan fiction Cale henituse, Kim Rok Soo, And Cale Barrow became the triplets of the henituse household, what if there was drama inside the said household. A sudde...
Of Roses... And Blood? Wait What-? by Naberius_Amon
Of Roses... And Blood? Wait What-?by Naberius Amon
It's a typical TBOAH meets TCF fanfic. But except there's no reaction involved, TBOAH goes to TCF world instead! Misunderstandings here and there. Oh boy. Buckle up your...
Red Means I love you by Myaoulri
Red Means I love youby Alka Ri
(Cale x W.s) Red had meant everything to him, and one day, he saw the very red he thought he would never see again. This was reason why he started it all. . dear r...
Crazy Blood by Kei_Vellmuth
Crazy Bloodby Kei_Vellmuth
Sometimes the nicest people hides the worst secrets. This was the perfect description for a certain redhead. Commander Cale was a two - faced man. Please bear in mind t...
Spider-lilies of Reincarnation ( ᵀᶜᶠ ˣ ᴰᵉᵐᵒⁿ ˢˡᵃʸᵉʳ ) by CaleConnoisseur
Spider-lilies of Reincarnation ( ᵀ...by CaleConnoisseur
Amused, Barrow smiled and conjured more magic capable of blowing up the room and both Barrow and Cale to dust as well. "I'll be taking your young master with me.&qu...
Whut? Sister?! |•|°•TOTCF X OC•°|•| by RueRui_02
Whut? Sister?! |•|°•TOTCF X OC•°|•|by 𝑹𝒖𝒊❦︎
Bagaimana jika seorang bajingan brengsek seperti white star mempunyai adik? _____________________________ [ °Identitas tubuh° ] [ Adik dari villain utama ] "Adik vi...
The 3 Dragon Lords by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
The 3 Dragon Lordsby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
A Dragon Lord was said to be powerful but the current one was one of the most powerful and unusual Dragon Ever before How Unusual? She went against nature itself by havi...
TCF React to Cale by AN27024
TCF React to Caleby Æva Cream
Just as Cale promised Billos to destroy the merchant guild, a sudden bright light covered his eyes. When Cale open his eyes, he could see all of his allies whom he foug...
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Our Crimson Fate by BlackSakura377
Our Crimson Fateby Hei Yinghua
When everythings going to end. Cale Henituse now have a path he decided to chose to be with. A path, where no one could hold him down. Not a single one shackle him agai...
The Lament Of An Iniquitous Guardian Father || Lout Of the Count's Family  by Xeinryuze0215
The Lament Of An Iniquitous Guardi...by 𝒵ℯ𝓇𝓎𝓊𝓃ℯ𝒾𝓍
[COMPLETED] Everything around him was blurry. His body aching painfully despite the common fact that his ancient power should've healed his wounds by now. Cale couldn'...
Miserable Wretches 🥀 by jianyuu0
Miserable Wretches 🥀by Jianyuu
Lcf x LotM (crossover) Ding! There was a notification popped up on the tablet-like mirror which is a divine item given by God of Death. The message was: [Would you like...
He Is Gone But He Used To Be Mine by niaonee
He Is Gone But He Used To Be Mineby damon
story about omega og!cale i had better description but i forgot to save and i'm not gonna write that again my fingertips hurt o(TヘTo) くぅ so drama,rape,rejection,love...
TCF react to the Two - Faced Commander (AU) by Kei_Vellmuth
TCF react to the Two - Faced Comma...by Kei_Vellmuth
The Goddess of Timelines with the help of "The Writer who loves Despair" teleported a timeline similar to the Og TCF timeline except their outcome and Cale ar...
White Star/TCF!Cale songfic react by CaleBarr0w
White Star/TCF!Cale songfic reactby C.Barrow
Crack? Yes. Angst? Yes. Songfic? Yes. Reactfic? Yes. (Includes enemies, allies, human!APs) - No OCs - No Timeline, just go with the flow - No Henituse family (They exist...
An Angels Protector by NeonWritter
An Angels Protectorby NeonWritter
[This is a romance novel of the trash of the Counts family the characters are NOT mine and pictures belong to their respectful owners] The Trash of the counts Family nev...
It's Mutual (Oneshot) by Maselant
It's Mutual (Oneshot)by Maselant
A confession and jealousy
Red Tangled by Kitsuhie
Once upon a time there was a forest called Forest of Curses where there's a Cursed Witch, there was a tower in the middle of the forest called the tower of thorny rose a...
Love In Palace || End S1✔|| TOTCF Fic || English by DinaFRahmah
Love In Palace || End S1✔|| TOTCF...by Dina_FR
Cale Henituse, the omega known for his beauty that closely resembled his late mother, had always been avoided by his own father. One day when he was ten years old, King...
TBOAH reacts by jiminhello
TBOAH reactsby jais
'The Birth of a Hero' reacts to tcf! This is my first story, so there might be mistakes. The characters do not belong to me. Please read The trash of the Count's Famil...