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Wintersberg Oneshots! by MMMMMMMETALMAN
Wintersberg Oneshots!by Kadyn
Everyone's favorite Mold Man and Metal Man! I'll write Fluff, Angst anddd s m u t (My main default in setting for most of these ((unless it has a specific theme)) is Kar...
.💮.resident.evil.8.ships.💮.💐]]♤p♡i♡c♡t♡u♡r♡e♡s♤[[.🏵...☆Winters-Berg☆...🏵. by AvailableJess5248
.💮.resident.evil.8.ships.💮.💐]]♤ =_=
♡warning♡ ◇bad spelling•(but it does not matter) ◇smut•(if your wholesome not dirty don't see this) ♧lazy•(cause i can) ♧mostly Wintersberg but ya can request some ships...
Winterberg Brain Rot by Just_bagel
Winterberg Brain Rotby Depresso expresso
Oneshots If the original artist want's me to take down their art, I'd gladly do so.
The Art of Letting Go by NicNTee
The Art of Letting Goby NicNTee
Ethan, Karl, and Rose are living a content life in Karl's factory, but when Rose is set to go off to college, Ethan has a harder time letting go than he thought. This is...
my wintersberg fic ig by EricDerekson2859
my wintersberg fic igby eric
yeah its in the title also that image is not my art its @imdilf on Instagram
Just some shitty Heisenberg x Ethan fics by pastelpinknerd
Just some shitty Heisenberg x PJ the gay
Miranda's dead. And Ethan found himself staying with Heisenberg. They have Rose and have turned into a highly unexpected family of sorts. It didn't take long for Karl an...
【✙"𝐼 𝒹𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝓃𝑒𝑒𝒹 𝓎𝑜𝓊"✙】|Resident Evil 8: Wintersberg| by -MultiFandomChaos-
【✙"𝐼 𝒹𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝓃𝑒𝑒𝒹 𝓎𝑜𝓊"✙】 》× Gay Idiot ×《
This is Lord Heisenberg x Ethan Winters/Wintersberg We have some good old Resident Evil fanfiction, I'm pretty bad at writing though. Keeping true to the tags, this is g...
RE:V oneshots. by Hogwarts_gay_101
RE:V Hogwarts_gay_101
im gonna be honest here,I can't do descriptions.basically wholesome oneshots of magneto man and mold dad.enjoy?
The ending he didn't suspect by iluvdonnasm
The ending he didn't suspectby iluvdonnasm
Ethan survived the blast, but he doesn't know Why
RE8 Oneshots || Taking Request! by I-m_A_Simp
RE8 Oneshots || Taking Request!by I-m_A_Simp
pls tell me your ships and requests in the comments so I can write stories lol Also, every chapter will use a different AU due to the ship. Enjoy!
roleplay :) by k4rl_heis3nberg
roleplay :)by trauma tin man
this is basically just a bunch of roleplay prompts, the first page however is for anybody asking to rp!! im only roleplaying wintersberg so if any ethan role players wan...
I want out // RE8 fanfic by damnshawty_ts
I want out // RE8 fanficby down horrendous
heisenburgs past + current storyline just....altered into my idea. also ethan x heisenburg
The Winters Freeze the Stage. Maybe just the school. by Just_bagel
The Winters Freeze the Stage. Depresso expresso
He was slowly breaking. His mind was somewhere that wasn't here. He couldn't stand the house. The place. Anything. He needed something new to help him break from his min...
Lord Winters by Just_bagel
Lord Wintersby Depresso expresso
Karl wasn't here by choice. It was Louisiana all over again. But at the same time, it wasn't. He really just wants to go home where he was alone and happy. Why should he...
Multi-fandom oneshots by goodstuffdotnet
Multi-fandom oneshotsby goodstuffdotnet
{Requests are open} Multi-fandom oneshots, no xreader's. Will do oneshots based on books, movies, TV shows, video game, etc. No smut, there will be a trigger warning if...
A lost gear to the full puzzle by Just_bagel
A lost gear to the full puzzleby Depresso expresso
Ethan was tired. He just wanted a peaceful life but nope. The universe had other plans. He has problems on top of his problems. Developed a type of trust issue, Anxiety...