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Izuku: The Quest of the Quirkless  by Whatever--14
Izuku: The Quest of the Quirkless by Whatever--14
Izuku Yagi and his twin sister, Izumi, have always loved heroes, especially All Might. Life was great for the two: Toshinori and Inko Yagi love both of their children, K...
bakugo x reader smut by thelastbird
bakugo x reader smutby the last bird
y/n Gos to Ua and finds her self interested in multiple things what shall she do well let us find out.
Diamonds~ Marauders instagram by TheWonderfulWerewolf
Diamonds~ Marauders instagramby Emmy
In a world with no death eaters or Voldey, Peter never sold them out, no one ever died and Alice and Frank were never driven into madness. This takes place after the mar...
A Good Pounding by Brunette_Bitchh
A Good Poundingby The Birch Tree. tweet tweet
Girl gets in trouble. Girl has to be a mascot as punishment. Girl gets kidnapped by rival team and gets held hostage in a dimly lit garage as a prank. Oh, was that enou...
I Heard It Too by Gavin_DowlingYT
I Heard It Tooby Gavin Dowling
A small girl is tricked by a monster and is certainly afraid.Soom enough,the monsters gone,and she is too...
𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 | 𝐡.𝐬 by fazballluvr
𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 | 𝐡.𝐬by redemption arc?
; in which a girl who hates the sun finds someone insufferably warm and bright. ©SAMNOOK
Zero Warfare by Phantom2Laptop
Zero Warfareby Phantom2Laptop
After the Great War everyone was against each other and Zeroes were developed they were a machine capable of sending missiles to nearby countries. Soon you couldn't even...
Jeo by CloudMoon0
Jeoby The Lazy One
Party, Anger, and Romance?
Fairy tail (aarmau) by fangirl220
Fairy tail (aarmau)by
This is a story about Aphmau and Aaron, but in a fairy tail world. This story takes place in the Fairy tail worlds of sleeping beauty, Snow white, the little mermaid, pr...
pt.2 mixed story by aliazakira
pt.2 mixed storyby aliazakira
hello miss leini wish me luck
Happy by marlendelrey
Happyby marlendelrey
This story is not the best but is written with honesty, emotion, happiness. It's probably not going to get too far but it's explain a short topic in my life that hit me...
PERTEMUAN MENYAKITKAN(#GiveawaySerendipity) by saraherlis
PERTEMUAN MENYAKITKAN(#GiveawaySer...by Sarah Xalvadora
Ini bukan postingan cerita part ke part, tapi ini sebuah postingan arti dari kata Serendipity yang gue ceritain panjang x lebar ~ #GiveawaySerendipity
Mismatched Poems by MattDogson
Mismatched Poemsby MattDogson
A collection of poems that I wrote-I hope it will grow... My favorite is The House I Used to Know-tell me if you liked it ! Anyway, enjoy !
Creatures [Entities: Book 1] by politeparadox
Creatures [Entities: Book 1]by Allie Torch
I never wanted this to happen... I never meant for the island to... I didn't think I'd lose him... I had no idea they'd betray us... I guess I'm back where I started... ...
Friendship Island by Unicorn2675
Friendship Islandby Unicorn2675
My name is Mary, and I am on friendship island. Everything is great here, everyone is friends. All mistakes are forgiven, and all imperfections are put past: There's onl...
Phan probably the most basic story ever by phandomtrashh1
Phan probably the most basic story...by Łíłłí
Yeah this is my first so I'm incredibly sorry that it will be so bad but please comment and tell me if you liked it if you didn't give me some suggestions please and eve...
Assassination classroom chatfic by bloodlife1
Assassination classroom chatficby momoriki
so this is a chatfic filled with laughs and happiness. few and little of it will be in fanfic but that is only when they are on missions and stuff like that soooo enjoy