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Bnha x reader (The Sin Archbishop Hero) by filip1500
Bnha x reader (The Sin Archbishop...by Echidnabestgirl
This is a Bnha x reader story but you have the powers of some of the Archbishops from re:zero #1 in class 1-a 10/01/2021 #1 in myheroacadenia 15/12/2020 #1 in Greed 04...
Re: Spirit Arts User by Nothing1334
Re: Spirit Arts Userby Black48
What if Subaru had a even higher spirit affinity than in the anime and he discovers about it in Arc 1. My first fan-fiction I hope you enjoy it.(Cross-posted from fanfic...
Alone in an Unfamiliar World  by Weeblet-san
Alone in an Unfamiliar World by Weeblet-san
Being summoned to another world may be a good thing for anime fans, but for our main character, it was the worst possible change in his life. On top of that, he's in an...
Re:Zero , The Witches Child by OribaNS
Re:Zero , The Witches Childby OribaNS
This is an action, harem-ish story about, the child of the 7 witches of sin after they combined their powers into one entity. After his creation, Seren is sent into a wo...
Regulus Corneas(Re:Zero) x BNHA by Bored2005
Regulus Corneas(Re:Zero) x BNHAby Bored
I do not own any images used in this fanfiction nor do I own Re:Zero and it's characters.
The Witch's Child (Re:zero) by filip1500
The Witch's Child (Re:zero)by Echidnabestgirl
Natsuki Subaru needed help, he didn't know how to overcome the obstacles in the Sanctuary and the mansion. So what is the best course of action? To ask the Witches of Si...
The Archbishop of Nazarick by Aleiisekai
The Archbishop of Nazarickby Alei
Y/N Get's Isekai'd into the New World With Nazarick oh and by the way you have the Witches Authorities from Re:Zero. What journey awaits you in the 'New World' will you...
COTE: kara Hajimeru Isekai ni Shukufuku wo! by LIMC46
COTE: kara Hajimeru Isekai ni Shuk...by HiyoriSimpAndFollower46
Ayanogod goes to a new world to meet the Demon Queen!
Beatrice happy love story by LuxMp4
Beatrice happy love storyby Chew
What if Subaru looses RTD and dies to the hands of Elsa leaving Beatrice in distress that her contractor died without completing there contract. Beatrice not wanting to...
New Life As A Slayer (Re:Zero x Male Reader)  by DrizztTheReaper
New Life As A Slayer (Re:Zero x Ma...by DrizztTheReaper
This is the story of a teen named Y/n Doragon no Shinzō and his new life in one of his favorite anime; Re:Zero. What will his life be like and how while he get Subaru an...
The witch cult🧹♀️ by That_Gay_Witch1
The witch cult🧹♀️by Tilly-chan
Exactly what it seems
Re:Life From Zero as Regulus Corneas. by Aleiisekai
Re:Life From Zero as Regulus Corne...by Alei
A Boy who admires a fictional character with a certain love for right's becomes said character when he unexpectedly appears in a busy street of a fantasy world. Or A boy...
The Flame Knight (Re:Zero-Starting a life in another world) by Dachss5
The Flame Knight (Re:Zero-Starting...by Dachss5
«Even if you will forget me, I will remember you». Years after the events of Re:Zero, a guy, who is related with Subaru and Emilia, will be sent back in time without kno...
The King Who Represents Pride (Re:Zero) by filip1500
The King Who Represents Pride (Re:...by Echidnabestgirl
On first glance, he seems like your average student that's trying to get an education so that he can find work in the future but.....It's not good enough for him, he wan...