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The Alpha Kings mate by RoyalityCrown
The Alpha Kings mateby Maja
Sierra Moon is a rebellious fifteen year old werewolf who hates everyone that think they can control her. The thought of a mate creeps her out, she doesn't want someone...
THE VAMPIRE AND DEMON  by berriesarekoo
Taehyung was a normal boy living his life with his father everything was ok until his father sold him to a mafia vampire which was happen to be jungkook and was forced...
The not so perfect omega (bakudeku fantasy au)  by bi4life224
The not so perfect omega (bakudeku...by bi4life224
Izuku midoriya is the most beautiful omega any person will come across he has pail skin, doe like eyes, and a grate personality but he has one flaw he craves adventure...
Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant and a teaser? Check. by IsaBellsAreRinging
Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant...by IsaBellsAreRinging
Arianna Wilson lost her parents almost six months ago in a car-accident. After that, she never left her room and never talked to anyone. A few months later, her grandpar...
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The Pack Pup by stuffedteddy
The Pack Pupby stuffedteddy
Being a werewolf is hard. Its even harder when your the pup of the pack. My name is Ivory and my wolf name is Cloud. Well being me isn't easy. Being the pup not so easy...
a human as a mate?  by justaurelia0
a human as a mate? by Aurelia
German story a girl and a boy, he's a wolf and she's a human if she find out what he is she would love him?
Dream it possible. by YoruWinchester
Dream it possible.by Stranger blood
Correr porque tu vida depende de eso no era una de las cosas que Stiles había pronosticado para esa noche pero no eran tan diferente a como era su vida cotidiana ¿O sí...
Wolf x Vamp by DarkShira
Wolf x Vampby Inkiara
Howl its a wolf boy with white hair and yellow eyes that want to become even more stronger,it starts in the night ,in the middle of the forest he left his cozy den and g...
Bloodline  Book 1  Howling Series  by deathpreacher102
Bloodline Book 1 Howling Series by deathpreacher102
"Luke , are you okay ?" my uncle asks . "Yeah . I'll be even better once I get the hang of this . Where'd he go ?" I replied , getting up . "He'...
Red wolf runt by 530eer18
Red wolf runtby 530eer18
It's a bout young red wolf who had the best friend ever named Kootra but as soon as she became alpha her whole world change seeing that her best friend rejected her in...
Wolf Pack     (in progress) by Dragonz_Destiny
Wolf Pack (in progress)by Dragonz_Destiny
You are a wolf which nearly died, later you got accepted into a new pack and has a very good, new life there ,except from when you get noticed by the Red Paw pack your l...
Blue Diamond: Memories by MortalFry431
Blue Diamond: Memoriesby Mortal Fry
Luna and her friends have a normal high school life until something changes. When they all find out that they're all part of a missing wolf society, what will change? Ca...
Unica: The 25th generation by SamiJoQuinn
Unica: The 25th generationby Maxilina No Heart
If you read this story I HIGHLY suggest you read the first one before this one
The Crystal In the Night by Drbros7
The Crystal In the Nightby Kirishima
When a legendary wolf gets captured what will happen to the world. Will it corrupt? Or will she run free with her true love? Find out in the Crystal In the Night.
Simon Knox and the Prophecy of Asragur by Jens015HH
Simon Knox and the Prophecy of Asr...by Jens Hoffmann
Summer holidays have begun and the eleven year old Simon is looking forward to spending a few weeks of rest and relaxation at his Aunt Abygale's place near the sea. A m...
Fashon by wolfe-chan13
Fashonby wolfe-kun13
Gacha stayol or eny
A Beast Inside My Heart by KaitlynDragniel
A Beast Inside My Heartby Kaitlyn Sayomi Dragniel
My name's Faith Morigan, a normal 16 year old high school girl. Well that's what i thought. It had been two years since my dad died in a mysterious case, he was research...
Unica(edited now) by SamiJoQuinn
Unica(edited now)by Maxilina No Heart
A group of exiled teenagers are unaware that their destines are far greater than any typical pack. (went under some SERIOUS editing so if you like it vote and comment :))