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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
Living with my greatest fear. by jess__tpwk
Living with my greatest fear.by jess
Ellie absolutely hates the dentist and she hasn't been in while but living with a dentist has it's pros and cons; having to always go to the dentist definitely is a con...
Enemies with benefits by teens-read
Enemies with benefitsby Teen fiction
(SEXUAL CONTENT) This is a story about two people who hate each other but seem to have sexual attractions to each other yet their separated because they both believe th...
Dark DAYS by mrian_choii
Dark DAYSby 최 마리안 리🤍
Jin is really going through a lot of things in this story... He needs support and love from his members... There were nightmares, and voices that kept disturbing him on...
Do I want a thug? by Nyraya_love
Do I want a thug?by Nyraya
Jordan Jackson is left to take care of his little sister when there parents leave. Latoya(his sister) starts to fall for his best friend Tyson and he starts to fall for...
Hidden Secret by SquishyJimin219
Hidden Secretby Squid
It's the new year and BTS is the center of attention all around the world due to their increasing popularity. The pressure of being an idol takes on a toll for each mem...
Seokjin and the worry eating doll by MademoiselleJJ
Seokjin and the worry eating dollby French WomanOfLetters
The young korean idol Kim Seokjin no longer trusts himself and is consumed by his dark thoughts. One day, a fan gives him a worry doll to chase away his sorrows and he p...
My Happiness by __bib_lio_phi_le__
My Happinessby Bibliophile
Sanskar Maheshwari can never thank god enough about the happiness which was brought in his life when everything was messed and scrambled. This story starts from where Sa...
Struggle for love by BlazeFruit
Struggle for loveby ADP4L
Life's hard in New Orleans.....nd when you hit rock bottom you think you can't get no lower, But when your stuck how do you help someone when you can't help yourself...
Flawed  by malikatungidwar
Flawed by Malika
LET YOURSELF BE FLAWED. (Poetry, thoughts & quotes) 8th Feb 2019 - ongoing
My Anxiety by Delawarelover679
My Anxietyby Scott Rogers
This is a book about my severe anxiety, and what triggers it. No rude comments please. Cover created by my bestie @BrunetteKnightt
Can I Hold Your Hand? (Part 1 of 3 tales - completed) by QueenyC10
Can I Hold Your Hand? (Part 1 of 3...by QueenyC
A 3 part story called 'Can I...' look out for 2 and 3 soon... Arthit is at the cinema alone when he sees a familiar pair and his anxiety rears up. Kongpob has been stood...
Poems by sunlake
Poemsby Darcy Ridge Coleman
Read original poems by Darcy Ridge. Explore poems with rhyme, poems with little form, but all poems melded together with emotion and meaning. Enjoy multiple perspectives...
Self Hate Poems by DeadlyLaughter42
Self Hate Poemsby Awkward Little
These poems are ones that I had wrote when I was depressed. All the poems you read are about what I felt or thought about through my depression. These poems are about se...
Lacuna by orchid_1022
Lacunaby orchid_1022
Lacuna means "a blank space; a missing part." This is where I fill those black spaces
Forlot: My Little Worry Worm - Book Hundred by Forlot_Forever
Forlot: My Little Worry Worm - Boo...by ~Forlot Welcomes Ya~
It may be a small town. But it has its many secrets. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- If you like adventure, mystery, humor, or cliffhangers...
LUNA: only the moon can hear my silent plea by eishaWP
LUNA: only the moon can hear my si...by Eis
Tell me your worries and sadness and let's turn it into something great. Let me be your moon to open your heart, the worries and together let's turn it into something wo...
William & Coan by ohseil_
William & Coanby OH SEIL
A story of a memory. The memory of someone you loved, and love. Coan has fallen out of a relationship with the love of their life, William. Coan can't seem to move on an...
The Jar by tianne789
The Jarby Tianne
This "book" is a metaphoric jar in which I will place my deepest thoughts. I believe we spend too much time avoiding our thoughts and fears by finding distract...
A Final Thank You by MystikHope
A Final Thank Youby 🌸Colored🌸
An extremely unfortunate incident causes X to gain a limited time to live, and it will take a week before he can be recovered after he dies. X is very worried that Four...