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Star Crossed Lovers [SLOW UPDATES] by ohnoitsmiki
Star Crossed Lovers [SLOW UPDATES]by Seasoned Bitch
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. The defense and prosecution. Completely opposite from one another, they where never meant to, but they somehow fall in love with each...
Turnabout Together: (Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth) (being rewritten) by Dolphinmusic
Turnabout Together: (Phoenix Wrigh...by Machine
"What do you want me to say?" "Tell me what's wrong, please don't shut me out. I can help you." Help me? How are you going to help me? I'm in this pr...
Drunk Confession by AceAttorneyCat
Drunk Confessionby AceAttorneyCat
Larry forces Miles and Phoenix to go drinking and they get drunk, well Miles does thanks to Larry. Wrightworth fluff. This is my first fanfic. Also I don't own any of th...
Together Forever? (Wrightworth) by IWannaCommitUwU
Together Forever? (Wrightworth)by I'm a redditor
The aftermath of turnabout goodbyes. [I did not own the cover art, I just edited it. This also may contain spoilers for the Trilogy]
Couldn't Miss This One This Year | Wrightworth/Narumitsu ✔️ by prcttyodd
Couldn't Miss This One This Year |...by ♕
Phoenix had no idea that the eggnog was spiked... [One Shot]
Ace Attorney one shots by RealFairyGirl
Ace Attorney one shotsby Chiaki
I have an prompt generator so I'll be writing about the prompts I get in this. I will do as many ships as I want and as many random parts to this as I please as this is...
Courtroom Affairs by ErrorCode_707_404
Courtroom Affairsby Error_Code_707
This is a Wrightworth smut book that I'm writing simply because I barely see any Wrightworth/Narumitsu smut anywhere. Anyway, comment on stuff if you want, and please no...
Unnecessary and Uncertain {WrightWorth Fanfic} by Oh_Sangwoo__
Unnecessary and Uncertain {WrightW...by Hannah Johnson
Hey you all! So basically, this is what the title says it is. A WrightWorth fan fiction. I may or may not add smut, it depends on what you guys want from this story! Lo...
Unknown Feelings (WrightWorth) by Foxomegah
Unknown Feelings (WrightWorth)by Pink Goldimia
This is my first story i made in this app. I ship these two so badly and I thought I can show you guys what I been working on. Ill try not to forget to add on stuff. And...
Pearls by squir_squir
Pearlsby Squirrel
Pearl believes that Mr. Nick (aka Phoenix Wright) is Maya's special someone, and has done all she can to get them together. Maya tells her to stop, as there is nothing b...
An Undead Friend in Need... by CrazyTMNTLOVER
An Undead Friend in Need...by Rosa
Edgeworth is a vampire. Phoenix is a human. Edgeworth gets hungry and must drink blood. Phoenix offers to let Edgeworth feed from him. Edgeworth is reluctant, fearing th...
The abandoned convenient store ; NaruMitsu by ohheyIex1st
The abandoned convenient store ; N...by thesilentreader
lolol my first story, hope you like it ;w; Alsoimbadatnamesehehehe sorry if its cringy hehe-- Edit••• yeahireallyamterribleatsummariesI- I guess Ill leave it blank for n...
Wrightworth One-Shots by KingAleczanderr
Wrightworth One-Shotsby KingAleczanderr
just some nice fluffy wrightworth one shots with a bit of angst too because life isn't fair
When Our Eyes Met Again(A Wrightworth Fanfiction) by AggressiveGayParent
When Our Eyes Met Again(A Wrightwo...by Phoenix Alexander
(A/N) This is set in a soulmate AU. In this universe, you see only in black and white until you meet eyes with your soulmate. • "We're going to be best friends fo...
Do you want to read some random quotes that some 12 year old started that has SOMEHOW managed to keep it going till 13 just to ignore it for 2 years and get back at it a...
[ Baby Miles ] by _Miles_Mia_Phoenix
[ Baby Miles ]by kei
uwu You've read the title. And that's what you'll get.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - One Shots by max_jay_writes
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - One...by Max 🏳️‍🌈
Ace Attorney One Shots, as seen in the title! Some will be with ships, some won't; I'll try to make them interesting! (also, expect some Narumitsu, because i love them s...
unnecessary feeling? [Narumitsu] (COMPLETED) by x_just_fanfics_x
unnecessary feeling? [Narumitsu] (...by x.just.edits.x.x from insta
I just felt like making this if you don't ship don't read also, credit to the artist Quick note Narumitsu stuff happens after the court trial UPDATE: there is a remake i...