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Excalibur's Heir (Book 1) by PaigeTRobkoff
Excalibur's Heir (Book 1)by Paige T. Robkoff
"You're kidding, right? Me? A princess?" Somewhere In The Early 21st Century (Camdale, U.S.A): 17-year-old pop-punk tomboy and aspiring teen punk pop-rock sta...
Average teen romance novel  by overrated_weeb
Average teen romance novel by The non-binary fairy
Mason is a normal queer teenager who gets sent to a sleepaway camp by his guardian lisa. Things get a bit crazy when he meets his "bunk buddies" but things wo...
my tmnt au by donnie_the_bean
my tmnt auby Donatello
this au is a custom tmnt au thats not based on any other tmnt ^u^ mikey is a bisexual trans man, leo is pansexual, donnie is a homosexual, raph is a ploysexual demi bo...
Enemies with Benefits by vampyre_kissess
Enemies with Benefitsby Emery :))
Sage and Alex have most certainly never gotten along well, but when one of them catches feelings, how will this change things for them?
Cafe Owner Deku by Connie_Itadori
Cafe Owner Dekuby Connie Ross
After the secret of Deku's family is revealed, Deku got insulted and bullied. Some people even calling him a traitor, He decides to leave UA and open a cafe where everyo...
My Hero Academia Short Stories by Connie_Itadori
My Hero Academia Short Storiesby Connie Ross
Each new part added will be short stories from different Au's if you have a request for a short story just put it in the comments or message me on my Instagram: @connie...
My Cute Co-Worker by DelaPJ88
My Cute Co-Workerby DelaPJ88
"W-why are you staring a-at me like that?" my hyung asked with an adorable giggle as he covered his mouth. "I-I wasn't staring!" I lied with blushing...
WOW: Write On Wednesday by newlywrittenbooks
WOW: Write On Wednesdayby Newly Written Books
Now you are asking-what is this WOW? Is it a contest? Yup, you guessed right! :) Well, WOW is a weekly contest, where every Wednesday we'll post a prompt or a word t...
Take Off Those Glasses! (Jason x Percy = Jercy) by ImmaBEvil
Take Off Those Glasses! (Jason x P...by Frain_Breeze
Out of the blue, Percy came dangerously near Jason. His breath lingered on Jason's pink lips. Stupid tall Jason Grace, Percy thought as his breath hitched. "I'm a...
Love Siren [BoyxBoy] by Januarygal
Love Siren [BoyxBoy]by Sehny
"I love you... I love you in I want to date you way" "Well, that's news to me..." ------- Shino Watanabe loves his best friend David...quite a lot an...
Dom Pérignon - (BXB) by MrRandomxxo
Dom Pérignon - (BXB)by MrRandomxxo
"Don't try convincing me because I am done with this explanation" "Anhad you are on a search for a closure you might never get..." Sometimes we dont...
This book contains explicit genre that are not suitable to young readers. This may include: nudity, sexual vulgars, sexual violence, intense sexual encounters, explicit...
Stay With Me | Natasha Romanoff x Reader by Mrs--Marvel
Stay With Me | Natasha Romanoff x...by That_One_Fangirl
Over the past five years, the world has been in a depression. You and Natasha have struggled, especially with Valyrie not being the same girl she used to be. But you mad...
Be My Life? | Wanda Maximoff x Reader by Mrs--Marvel
Be My Life? | Wanda Maximoff x Rea...by That_One_Fangirl
You had known the Maximoff Twins since you signed up to do the experiments to help Sokovia, in a world where soulmates existed. The Avengers had broken up and you'd been...
𝗡𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗜𝗻 𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲  by sarcastic-mess
𝗡𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗜𝗻 𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲 by 𝐒𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐘𝐀
❛we are currently breaking about thousands of rules!❜ ❛i hate it when you make sense.❜ ❛then stop being incredibly spontaneous!❜ ***** in which 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬 found how...
Ophelia (Yoonmin) by Majo_B26
Ophelia (Yoonmin)by Majo.
Eran mediados de los 50s, Min Yoongi se encontraba en la sala de música de la Universidad, había reservado la sala de la escuela con la intención de prepararse para elab...
Iris Beauty | Ongoing (wlw) by enamoredeloise
Iris Beauty | Ongoing (wlw)by heath
we never had to force love. we were drowning in it the moment we met. but the most beautiful part is, i wasn't even looking when i found you.
Nyctophilia // A Taekook Story by MagicJinnie7
Nyctophilia // A Taekook Storyby SoLoveLy
Kim Taehyung. "Is that my name?" The boy-Kim Taehyung-looked down at his long hands. "I don't...remember anything. What am I doing here? What is this pla...
its a mental breakdown by OkayShawtyBae
its a mental breakdownby no flocks given
wanda: such a karen steve: did u just cuss l a n u a g e we dont use the k word in this household bucky: ur scaring the children wanda: o-o Steve: staying up till 4 am c...
Their Sunshine (BACK FROM HIATUS) by omihina-is-life
Their Sunshine (BACK FROM HIATUS)by omihina-is-life
It was a normal day at practice; the boys were finishing up the last things that needed to be done for the day. However, instead of cleaning up as usual, the team was ca...