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When The Ice Melts - (profxstud) by miss_danii
When The Ice Melts - (profxstud)by miss_danielle
"Love doesn't mean you will always agree, see eye to eye, or never have an argument, it means despite all the bad days, you still can't see yourself without that pe...
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Crush Imagines  by Keylie144
Crush Imagines by ✨
Just some bunch of Imagines.
A Journey From Germany by LilyUchihaHaruno
A Journey From Germanyby Lily Uchiha-Haruno
This is a fanfiction of Anne Blankmans The Prisoner Of Night And Fog and it's sequel The Conspiracy Of Blood And Smoke, so please read them first, but you don't have to...
TL STORIES by simp_bae
stories of TL inspired by events that actually happened.
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These|Willy Wonka DDLG by SadBoy_Haven
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These|Wil...by 💜𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓼 𝓦𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓰𝓸💜
[I DO NOT OWN WILLY OR ANYBODY ELSE IN THE STORY, BUT NAOMI IS THE ONLY THING THATS MINE]Willy Wonka DDLG fanfiction. There will be 18+ content in here
Sweet tooth (willy Wonka x reader smut)  by joonspocketpussy
Sweet tooth (willy Wonka x reader...by joonspocketpussy
You were one of the lucky 5 who found a golden ticket, but you were different. You managed to catch mr wonkas attention on the tour, the tension between you two growing...
Unfortunately I like you?     by RBFeathers
Unfortunately I like you? by RBFeathers
Gxg Kensington Hast is a 17 year old high school student. That just couldn't solve one thing, how she feels about anyone who came to love her. When push came to shove...
I want to BANG you!  │ DeadpoolxSpiderman  SMUT│ by RoleplayElaine
I want to BANG you! │ DeadpoolxSp...by RoleplayElaine
Soo.. this my first book, bruh it's been ages since i last wrote a story but i hope you like my sloppy 3rd person view of this SpideyPool (SMUT) story :))) your welcome...
Wonder Woman's Daughter?  by DrownedEli
Wonder Woman's Daughter? by DrownedEli
You are Diana's daughter. You have two siblings. Your not your mom's favourite. Or as she says: I love you darling , but please be like your sisters , not an BRAT. It hu...
Dazai angst![ONESHOTS] by Zelis_Xel
Dazai angst![ONESHOTS]by H I
Ok so this is cause there is literally no dazai angst but TW: SH maybe ED idk yet Suicidal manic and alot more
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Beauty & The Beast by tuwharetoa
Beauty & The Beastby writenreader
Nicki Montelle Minaj, actor, rapper, and wrestler is a diva at wwe under the RAW brand. Shes fresh out of divorce to Randy Orton. After her domesntic relationship she fi...
escaped death | steve trevor by lineaxine
escaped death | steve trevorby linear
❝ We have more time. ❞ [STEVE TREVOR X DIANA PRINCE] ♡ tags milestones ♡ #1 IN WONDER WOMAN 22/11/18 #1 IN STEVE TREVOR 24/12/19 #3 in Chris Pine 27/7/18 #3 in Diana Pri...
WIld's Pawn Shop by KyreeMcNeal
WIld's Pawn Shopby Orai
Back ground- Wild runs a pawn shop in Hateno and the group stumbles across it. Prompt by @strings_of_words on tiktok one-shot
Taking chances by annasarchive
Taking chancesby annasarchive
Little did you know that a meeting with the charming Lilli Palmer at the park can turn into so much more
SHEIKAH by MohammedAliBabaIII
SHEIKAHby Mohammed Ali :v
History of Sheikah
Wie Normale Menschen  by zozofia
Wie Normale Menschen by zozofia
Wincent wird wieder leise. Er lehnt sich hinunter zu ihr und küsst die Stelle über ihrem Muttermal, direkt auf der nackten Schulter einmal. „Ich werde dich niemals verle...
You can never end us. by simp_bae
You can never end us.by Neshi
Just a normal day....not.
Jesse Pinkman imagines by delaneyrae123
Jesse Pinkman imaginesby Sweetpea'sjacket
Just some imagines about the one and only Jesse Pinkman❤️ I DO NOT OWN JESSE PINKMAN, THE BREAKING BAD SERIES, OR THE MOVIE "El Camino", though I wish I did lo...
Bye, Bess by APH-UnreliableMedics
Bye, Bessby APH-UnreliableMedics
"... One hundred percent." He smiled. I knew it was forced. It didn't seem relaxed enough to seem genuine. I frown, shifting my weight to stop my legs from ach...
The Lawyer (W|W) by CuteFacedGirl
The Lawyer (W|W)by Baddie For The Streets
- "What are you doing to me Marissa??" She said while holding my waist firmly "I'm not doing anything to you Brooke." I said lowly "I'm just y...