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HIS UNFORGETFUL WIFE ✅ [Unedited] by YsabelleMonte2
She has it all except his heart. She had done both amazing and ridiculous things but was still treated as a wallflower. She's been a good wife. But now, she can no lo...
Fnaf one shots by AbigailPettry
Fnaf one shotsby Abigail Pettry
Hey guys so this is my first fnaf x Reader one shots story I hope you enjoy!
Murder love [salvis yandare Travis au] by Travussy
Murder love [salvis yandare Travis...by Travis Phelps IRL
"I've felt empty all my life. Until I met him. I will do anything just for us to be together, in love. Even if I have to spill blood." ... .. . Heyyy it's y...
 "H̶o̶w̶?" (Philzareader inserted) by Tsoomko_art
"H̶o̶w̶?" (Philzareader inserted)by Tsoomko_art
📖This is going to be an AU 📖 ⭕SLOW LR FAST UPDATES THO I TAKE SOME TIME TO WRITE THE BOOK⭕ ~When Philza killed his own older son Wilbur that day when L'manberg explode...
your mine by tsukishimakei257
your mineby tsukishima kei
yandare enhypen x lazy male reader x yandare txt Warning: bl, blood ,killing , smut
Weirdmageddon queen ( Yandare Bill Cipher x reader) by Cookieloveryay06
Weirdmageddon queen ( Yandare Bill...by Cookie Cipher
[Y/N] meets Bill cipher while visiting her old friends what will happen next (I don't own any character from the show but of course I don't own you cause you own yoursel...
Yandare Dust!Sans x Blueberry (High school) by Frisk_x_Sans233
Yandare Dust!Sans x Blueberry (Hig...by Corrupted Ink
If you don't like blood,muder, or Gore than please don't read this message is for the weak hearted. other wise please relax and enjoy the story. some characters in this...
NUEVA FORMA DE GANAR by AraceliMamani0
Nagisa Shiota nuestro querido protagonista tras ser echado de su casa por su propia madre comienza a bagar sin rumbo cuando pasa por un callejón se tumba sobre un montón...
Yandare Zipper x Reader  by oof1356
Yandare Zipper x Reader by oof1356
Well it's all what the title says, I wanted to make this because, well no one else is doing it and why not :) :D
ပြန်လည်ရှင်သန်သူ၏ လက်စွဲညွှန်းကြားချက် (MM Translation) by Hannahzakii
ပြန်လည်ရှင်သန်သူ၏ လက်စွဲညွှန်းကြား...by Hannahzakii敬
🔥ပြန်လည်ရှင်သန်သူ၏ လက်စွဲညွှန်းကြားချက်🔥 ဒါလေးက 877 Chapters နဲ့ Complete ဖြစ်ပြီး Side Story တွေကတော့ 505 Chapters နဲ့ Ongoing သွားနေတုန်းပါ။ (ရှည်လျားနေရောပဲ🥵❤️) Ge...
My Yandare Villain Hubby by PurpleAce15
My Yandare Villain Hubbyby Lyn Panaligan
Yuri was your typical high school kid who spend most of her time reading manhua and novels. One day she meet the fate of most characters in esikai novels, she reincarnat...
When Tulips Bloom [Izana Kurokawa] by Drowned_In_The_Water
When Tulips Bloom [Izana Kurokawa]by Ghost Writer
"Your mine." "Fuck off. I'm not an item you can just own." "Yes you are, and you're MY item. So be fucking careful or I might just decide on bre...
Autistic OC X Highschool DXD Harem (Remake Made!!) by JackDroid
Autistic OC X Highschool DXD Harem...by HaremMasterJack
A Story between a Normal Autistic young man and The Characters of Highschool DXD! A/N: I first posted this on Deviantart Last year unfinished so i decided to finish it h...
OURS ☆[YANDARE! One Piece x Reader]☆ by smellybussyshart
OURS ☆[YANDARE! One Piece x Reader...by smellybussyshart
✧{YANDARE! One Piece x Reader}✧ Meet Y/n. She is a stripper. Beautiful, gergous, smart, brave, independed, cute girl. Everything a person would ask for. She was pretty p...
Two worlds Apart (Prince Levi x Reader) by stay_army10
Two worlds Apart (Prince Levi x Re...by Yandere writer checkkk
High Prince Levi is in search for a wife suitably to be his future queen. What will happens when he meets the famous worrier Princess?But Y/n is hiding a dark secret fro...
Kpop yandare oneshots by Yuraxqw
Kpop yandare oneshotsby Yuraxqw
Dont trust a girl who always protect you Dont trust a boy who look like innocent Dont trust them You dont know what They're capable to
☆[Yandare! one piece x reader] ☆ by smellybussyshart
☆[Yandare! one piece x reader] ☆by smellybussyshart
One piece does not belong to me. Reader aka Y/n is pansexual There will be both male and female or other love intrest characters <333 Hope u will enjoy this story UPD...
I Love You (LenKu/LenXMiku/MikuXLen) by komari_the_Neko
I Love You (LenKu/LenXMiku/MikuXLe...by Hatsume Komari Montenegro
A Girl Named Hatsune Miku And A Twins Named Rin And Len Kagamine The Three are both Childhood friends but then Rin and Len's Mother said to her son and daughters "...
Yandare Father X Yandare Child X Baby brother by PolyvoreSenpii
Yandare Father X Yandare Child X B...by Uzuzora♡
This is about a family who went maniac expect for your little brother aight ne~ *hides dagger*