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Anime Male x Male reader by Lumine-Fox
Anime Male x Male readerby Prince Ice
Hello... I'm doing a oneshot storys, there's not much to say. Only males, nothing illeagl I own the stories, not the characters Achievements: #6 on childe #2 on yuu #3 o...
Spring Bloom [TKA - The King's Avatar fanfiction] by XiexieRourou
Spring Bloom [TKA - The King's Xiao Jian
Though revered as one of the Godly pioneer of GLORY, Li Chunhua was never given a chance to enter the Professional Alliance. Season 1, Season 2, Season 3...everyone was...
Connections [ A King's Avatar fanfiction ] by SeiryuuSuzaku
Connections [ A King's Avatar Seiryuu Suzaku
Tang Rou is ready to join the pro scene... but she has some big decisions to make and more importantly discover some even bigger things about herself and the remarkable...
If only I can be by your side by HuangShaotian0005
If only I can be by your sideby HuangShaotian0005
Ye Xiu got discovered by his family when he saved Su Muqiu from the accident. Thus, his family dragged him home and make him take up his place as the heir of the Ye fami...
Meeting in the tenth server by NaokiIchigo
Meeting in the tenth serverby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] Su Muqiu is the star of team Excellent Era, secretly helping out their guild Excellent Dynasty. The rumors about a player named Lord Grim had reached his ears...
The King's Avatar : Short Stories! (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) by shuurai_uchiha
The King's Avatar : Short shuurai_uchiha
THERE IS NOT ENOUGH REPRESENTATION FOR THIS FANDOM OUT THERE! After searching for a bunch of fanfics to read, I was shocked! There's almost nothing on Wattpad! Therefore...
Your warmth - Hanye by BOBtheTITAN123
Your warmth - Hanyeby you don’t know me.
Established Hanye; Ye Xiu making a scene as always~~
Little Qiu's adventures by NaokiIchigo
Little Qiu's adventuresby NaokiIchigo
A story in which Ye Xiu is kicked out of Excellent Era, turns into a little kitten and becomes team Tyranny's mascot.
Home by NaokiIchigo
Homeby NaokiIchigo
[Complete]Su Mucheng returns to the place she once had called her home to make it hers once more.
Just Right (The King's Avatar) by itslumile
Just Right (The King's Avatar)by itslumile
They are always very relaxed around each other, intimate. Comfortable. It's night. Everybody is asleep. They are standing and talking about something, but close. Really...
Always once a month by NaokiIchigo
Always once a monthby NaokiIchigo
Once a month a little group of gamers gathered in the little Internet Café across of team Excellent Era's club building to have a training session with a dear friend of...
An opponent to remember by NaokiIchigo
An opponent to rememberby NaokiIchigo
[Complete]Ye Qiu wanted to make his son happy. He's plan was successful.
When Autumn Ran Away Instead by IsangDahon
When Autumn Ran Away Insteadby Leaf
Ye Xiu was not at home the moment their father broke Ye Qiu's Transformer. He was not there when his brother finished packing his luggage. He was not there when Ye Qiu w...
What you lost I found by NaokiIchigo
What you lost I foundby NaokiIchigo
[Complete]Who would have thought that the man that preached teamwork, was actually so bad at teamwork outside of Glory. Well, Sun Xiang hadn't thought so and he was defi...
Bridge by NaokiIchigo
Bridgeby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] For Ye Xiu winter was a season full of memories, full of emotions. It had been winter, when the first server of Glory had been opened. It had been winter, whe...
Live By Glory by Auroraclawfangirl
Live By Gloryby ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ
Maybe in another place, another time... We were happy and satisfied with this world There was a game we couldn't beat, A game worth living for. Glory, the name When th...
❤ accepted by NaokiIchigo
❤ acceptedby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] Ye Xiu calls little Zhou over for a little talk. The ending was kind of unexpected.
Happy Birthday to you - Happy birthday to me by NaokiIchigo
Happy Birthday to you - Happy NaokiIchigo
[Complete]It's Ye Xiu's birthday and he gets a surprising visit during his night shift.
My Betrothed  by XiexieRourou
My Betrothed by Xiao Jian
Ye Xiu had no idea that there's a limit of his shamelessness that the heavens could tolerate. And never would he expect himself to die in a car accident just when he was...