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Problematic: Little Devils Chronicles by Jessica-Carter
Problematic: Little Devils Jessica Carter
It's Back!!! Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl 😳 Stevenson Academy, an elite boarding school in Washington, houses teenagers of some of the most influential celebri...
The Balance of Magic by samhopkinson
The Balance of Magicby
Lukas has lived in the small, isolated village of Rosehallow for as long as he can remember. Now, at the age of 16, he is being forced to join the human army in their wa...
dazzling by peachycherrrie
dazzlingby YING  
When Luna Kim comes face to face with the cynical and breathtakingly handsome proffesional gamer Lee Jin Hyeok, the ice in her frozen heart melts a little. - Luna wasn...
Brozoned (The Bro Code Series # 1) by ChasingMadness24
Brozoned (The Bro Code Series # 1)by Kyra Weiss
"Its the Ultimate level friend zone. It happens when the girl you have a crush-on or are in love with not only see you as a friend but also as a brother." &quo...
Knee Pads by violadavis
Knee Padsby cate (hiatus baybe)
There's nothing dramatic about roller derby. © 2020 caterina george // all rights reserved
Three's A Crowd (#WattysLonglist) by ChasingMadness24
Three's A Crowd (#WattysLonglist)by Kyra Weiss
"Two is company, three is going to drive me to the verge of insanity." * Eighteen- year- old college bound Emily Mayer isn't ready to leave the comforting nes...
Saving Adam by knightsrachel
Saving Adamby Rachel
Sarah Campbell has everything she's ever wanted. She worked day and in and day out for her acceptance to her dream school, Vanderbilt University. And now that she's got...
Smile, Synonym by yellowlanterns
Smile, Synonymby a n d y
Wherein, Fletcher Greenly found special glasses that can see through everyone's perfect smiles.
Where Life Takes Us by fadingreveries
Where Life Takes Usby alex
She's the one who timidly hides alone in the back of the library, her nose buried in countless books. He's the one who's surrounded by heaps of fellow students, mindless...
Famille by -RAYV3N-
Familleby ∆
In which a girl realizes family isn't by blood but by bond.
Vendetta by SincerelyxElle
Vendettaby Noelle Payne
I've been living with pain and sorrow for a long while now. They eep me company in my darkest moments-carresing my heart delicately. Aella's brother was murdered and ye...
The Florist And The Prince  by melanesiangurl
The Florist And The Prince by Ann Gerota
Fed up with their strong-headed, rebellious son, the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Terrigal come up with a plan for him to settle down by sending invitations to all t...
Wrong Quarterback | ✓ by -linnwrites
Wrong Quarterback | ✓by linn
There are three general truths every Acebridge inhabitant knows by heart. First, if you're on a hunt for the greatest latte in North Carolina, Beans & Bagels just off Ma...
Running Away From The Stars by luvovalentines
Running Away From The Starsby luv
Diana Smith was supposed to be marrying a guy named Michael right? Wrong. At least she thought she was, until he cancelled the wedding right when she was getting ready t...
The Bad Boy Behind The Mask (Completed) by WriterSiaBrown
The Bad Boy Behind The Mask ( Sia Brown
Highest rank #1 in teen fiction I had a simple plan. Get a good GPA, escape into college and never turn back. I didn't hate anything because I knew, life has a weird te...
Harry Potter and the Rogue Mage by Wolfish2003
Harry Potter and the Rogue Mageby Wolfish2003
It is Harry Potter's Fifth year of Hogwarts. Having evaded expulsion by the Wizengamot for his use of magic defending himself from the Dementor attack during the summer...
Be My Forever by bLACKzAY123
Be My Foreverby bLACKzAY123
All her life Amara Evans had been pushed out of the family frame by her dad, step mother and step sister until they finally gave her away in a contracted marriage to the...
The Merciless Black List Of Highland High #1 | OUT MAY 30 by moonchildnessa
The Merciless Black List Of zela
#4| SS 140417 #93| TF 250717 WINNER OF BEST TEEN FICTION & BEST OVERALL STORY IN TFA2017 Get your own official published and edited version with some bonus content here:...
Bared To You by tracylemme
Bared To Youby tracy alex
What to do when your past comes haunting you?! When you fall so hard for a person you are meant to hate?
Mess of thoughts by x_my_past_weapon_x
Mess of thoughtsby #charmedforever
I am usually known for being a singer, very positive, and a fighter around the people who know me. However, I also started writing a lot because the more I grow up and s...