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Always and Forever (An Eddie x Juicy Fanfic) by gale_simpss
Always and Forever (An Eddie x Gale
Eddie and Juicy used to be childhood friends. Although it's pretty obvious that they aren't anymore. After a misunderstanding between the two, they hate each other. But...
Narrator X Eddie OneShots by GalacticEddie
Narrator X Eddie OneShotsby Mr No-No Snow
I've already included this ship before, but I have so many ideas with them but don't wanna place them back to back, so this is here.
Just a Tweet (A Juicyfruitsnacks Story) by Reidsshordy
Just a Tweet (A Juicyfruitsnacks Anastasia Dudley
Just 1 Tweet, that was all it took for Sasha's whole life to be turned around. She would go to sleep not knowing that her whole life was gonna change. She didn't realize...
Eddie's Little Sister | On Hold by neoleefelix
Eddie's Little Sister | On Holdby ꋊꏂꄲ ꒒ꏂꏂ ꊰꏂ꒒꒐ꉧ
Colby Brock x Reader | Gaege Gibson as the readers ex | Angst/Fluff/Smut | Dominate Colby x Submissive Reader
Eddievr x reader my best friend  by Adrianna2527
Eddievr x reader my best friend by Adrianna
You've always loved hanging out with your brothers friends but you started getting a crush for one of them and try to have something with them but what happens if you gu...
Don't Worry, I'll Show You by EddieVR4ever
Don't Worry, I'll Show Youby EddieVR4ever
Gaege works the streets. He gets paid to sleep with guys. Then he meets Eddie. Eddie is fed up of being a virgin. His friends tease him about it, and girls just laugh at...
Narrator x Eddie by very_swaglol
Narrator x Eddieby very_swaglol
It has smut and fluff so you were warned This is also my first fanfic
My Narrator <3 by Mullyisabottom
My Narrator <3by PaladinChaos
This is a Narrator x Y/N story, Y/N is Juicy's older sister and went to America with Juicy to see what it was like. And it was amazing when she met Narrator face to face...
One With The Boys.. by Into_Oblivion848
One With The I'm Oblivion Ridden
You are running in the park, then trip and fall. You hear a voice behind you. You turn around to see a guy standing over you looking at you with sad eyes. He helps you u...
My Hiro (The Boys X Male Reader) (Eddie X Reader Father Figure) by L0stN3rd
My Hiro (The Boys X Male Reader) ( L0stN3rd
You and your little brother Reekid live with your horrible abusive parents. You end up running away from home, living on the streets. Until someone brings you in... (Als...
Mind Games (Eddievr x Juicy Fanfic) by gale_simpss
Mind Games (Eddievr x Juicy Fanfic)by Gale
"Maybe in another life we could've been together Eddie, but in this one... We weren't as lucky." Gaege was born with the ability to read minds. No one knows ab...
The Boys Preferences, Imagines by Emo_Dino_nugget
The Boys Preferences, Imaginesby Izzy
I do not own the cover! Contains: Reekid YourNarrator Mully Eddievr JoshDub JuicyFruitSnacks Smashing I WILL TAKE REQUESTS
Back to Normal  by Into_Oblivion848
Back to Normal by I'm Oblivion Ridden
You used be friends with this group of boys and all of them adored you and you did as well. Until one day your abusive boyfriend said you had to leave Australia and leav...
Is It True Love by Emmadagamer0
Is It True Loveby juicyfruitsnacks simp
this is a mully x y/n story I made this for my friend cuz she loves mully but it's also for others so I hope you enjoy :)
My best "friend" by 000miamiamia9
My best "friend"by 000miamiamia9
This is a Mully x Josh fanfic (This is for pride month) Warning:a little smut and swearing It 👏🏻 is👏🏻 so 👏🏻 short👏🏻
YepTheBoys Smut by Wannab3Storyteller
YepTheBoys Smutby Basic Bitch
Can't get anymore more specific than the title guys. Members of the yep the boys x oc smut
The Boys VR Oneshots by maeelyzha
The Boys VR Oneshotsby ely
Fanart cover by @iam_semmm on twitter May contain: - smut - angst - fluff - cussing - etc.
The boys oneshots by corpseswifey69
The boys oneshotsby Honey pie
This book will include: -mully -joshdub -Eddievr -your narrator -juicy -ree kid If you wanna suggest a character message me or add it in the comments
Reekid x Reader(fem) by Cassidy086
Reekid x Reader(fem)by Ace
this is a Reekid fanfic