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Are You searching for purpose? I-/ by beforeustarturday
Are You searching for purpose? I-/by beforeustarturday
Tyler Joseph, as a teen, well... "searching for purpose". Inspired by Kitchen Sink, by twenty one pilots, and I actually wrote this for school. Sorry, no jos...
My Blood- stay with me by BlueBamboo4
My Blood- stay with meby BlueBamboo4
Tyler is sent to Dema Institute after he realizes that Zack doesn't exist. He is lonely and depressed until Josh comes to work as his new pyschologist and may be the onl...
: - Winter- : // Joshler fanfic  by -ImJoshDunWithYou-
: - Winter- : // Joshler fanfic by tyler joseph
"Promise to never leave me.." "I-..." "I promise" And with that, the snowflakes would fill the windows , but the fire place would keep them...
«Neighbors: A Zack Joseph Fanfic» by I_fancy_the_singer
«Neighbors: A Zack Joseph Fanfic»by Ellie
Jo and her friends finally move into an apartment together and nothing could be better. Well, until they meet their new neighbor...
joshler by mist_etherlust13
joshlerby neon graveyard
might update name and other things
Unlikely Love by Spaghetti_Mustache
Unlikely Loveby Spaghetti_Mustache
Tyler is left on his own in life after his parents pass away in a tragic accident. All alone, his dark thoughts taunt him, convincing him. He cuts. It helps him feel be...
trench by glowinggravestones
trenchby clover 💫🐞
"welcome to trench." the leader of the yellow tape covered people said as he walked down the aisle of tents, beautiful yellow flower petals decorating the path...
I'm Sorry (Notes) ~Jyler~ by thecliquelife
I'm Sorry (Notes) ~Jyler~by tyler.n.josh
At her own party, Jenna drank way too much. But not as much to make a friend name Alec. She hangs out more with Alec than Tyler. Tyler doesn't suspect anything. One day...
Taken By Sleep by dontcapitalizeme
Taken By Sleepby dontcapitalizeme
(i might change the title. i don't know yet.) ___________________________________________ We met our Freshman year because our names were the same. Then we stayed friend...
Where To Next? by Johnny2324
Where To Next?by Juan Esparza
Time travel.... you thought that it was impossible and yet here you are, going back in time seeing how it all started. Take a Ride with me and I'll show you how Twenty o...
13 Reasons Why... | joshler by WritingDove
13 Reasons Why... | joshlerby Charlotte
"Hey, it's me. Tyler. Tyler Joseph. That's right, don't adjust your...whatever device you're hearing this on. It's me, live and in stereo." **REWRITTEN 25/04/1...
there is no number (#7) by -solochaos
there is no number (#7)by solochaos
The prompt was: merman and person au
The Paper Piano by Shemuel99
The Paper Pianoby Syre Fayne
She's the reason he dug the keyboard up in the first place. She's the reason he started mimicking sounds he heard on the radio. She's the reason he turned from finding h...
 * Broken * //::// A twenty øne piløts fanfic by -ImJoshDunWithYou-
* Broken * //::// A twenty øne tyler joseph
Meet Tyler. A 21 year old man who has 6 different personalities. All of them live inside his head. ---- Then, meet Josh.. Who is addicted to smoking and can't stop e...
Fake you out by AbbiesHeavyDirtySoul
Fake you outby HeavyDirtySoulIsHoldingOnToYou
Tyler pretending to be okay when he isn't. Ch. 1 his family Ch. 2 his friends Ch. 3 Josh
Joshler-Time To Say Goodbye  by JoshlerIsReal21
Joshler-Time To Say Goodbye by JoshlerIsReal21
NOT SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP JUST FRIENDS Tyler and Josh are on their way home when. Everything changes
The Joseph Family by chris_joseph
The Joseph Familyby sadness
if you follow @Jay_Joseph on wattpad, you shouldn't. read more to find out. this is also updates about my problematic self, not like it's important lmao
Ghost Town by candie1981
Ghost Townby candie1981
This story is an A/U that takes place in Alberta,Canada. Two ghost hunting sisters meet the band Twenty One Pilots and take them on a haunting ride! I combined my two f...