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A World Alone - A Zombie Novel by ReissRow
A World Alone - A Zombie Novelby Ross
Stella Carlisle is a thousand miles from her destination, and she's willing to do anything it takes to get there. Whether that means manipulating fellow survivors, or ki...
The Dead and the Restless (Completed with undergoing editing) by A_Story_Spoken
The Dead and the Restless (Complet...by Shelby Caruso
When you are infected with the virus, there are four stages. 1) Your fever will shoot up and everything will become intensified on a maximum level. You'll lose grip on w...
A World Apart by ReissRow
A World Apartby Ross
Stella and Logan have reached the coast. Now, all that's left is to move up it's length and find Max, the man Stella has been desperate to reunite with since before the...
Vial #127 by CassieWood761
Vial #127by Cassandra Mackenzie
Fourteen year old, Emma, used to live a typical life but after a world dominating infection spreads, her life is far from normal. Now, she is alone in the vast word, try...
Best Wattpad Stories by CeCe_101Mochi
Best Wattpad Storiesby Lucille
My favorite collection of stories you might enjoy.
WWZ : Stalingrad by I_Am_The_Master
WWZ : Stalingradby The Master
After a desperate and ultimately catastrophic attempt to take a soviet controlled factory, a handful of German survivors are on the run from the pursuing Russians. They...
WattpadZombies: Contests & Challenges by WattpadZombies
WattpadZombies: Contests & Challen...by Zombies | Ambassadors
Contests and challenges for all-things zombie!
High School of the Dead by AKABoy123
High School of the Deadby Ryan Monahan
*THIS IS NOT A FAN FICTION OF THE ANIME/MANGA OF THE SAME NAME* Do you like zombies? So did Ryan - until they began to eat his friends and family. As the dead begin to t...
Dead Living Abby's Long Road by ZedcoreStories
Dead Living Abby's Long Roadby ZedcoreStories
Takes place after Bemidji becomes a waste land cause of Bandits and Zeds Abby is left alone to fend for herself after a close friend died and her friend Rebecca sacrific...
Tevun-Krus #83 - Zombie SF by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #83 - Zombie SFby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
It's hard to imagine now, but once upon a time the zombie was not in the public nomenclature like it is today. The Walking Dead and Resident Evil have helped popularize...
The Sad Truth by LuzIsNonBinary
The Sad Truthby LuzIsNonBinary
Sydney Park, a hopeful songbird must face a world of the undead and unlawful to reach a safe haven that might not even be real. Under extreme pressure trying to keep her...
When We Were Humans | Book I by LeafOfMint
When We Were Humans | Book Iby LeafOfMint
(Book 1) "The most primal desire for humans is to survive." Life is pretty normal for our heroes as they have grown up in a pretty safe world. Stress hits the...
CHARLIE DEAD and the So-Called Zombie Apocalypse: Chapter One by GeoffCamphire
CHARLIE DEAD and the So-Called Zom...by Geoff Camphire
In a world at war with the unliving, it's not always easy to tell who the real monsters are. Charlie Dunlap, a teenager newly infected with the virus, learns this lesson...
DeadZeds by shookbythebook
DeadZedsby shookbythebook
Ransom Ramsey finds herself in the middle of the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Ransom finds herself alone with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. With the world...