A Fire Dragon Slayer goes by the name Natsu Dragneel, is famous for being called the Salamander of the Guild called Fairy Tail.

Yeah people that's me (grins widely) & the things about me are that I'm always hungry for food & fighting, You can always see me fighting with the stripper or beside Lucy (blushes).

If anyone of you even threaten or hurt one of my nakama (glares daggers) Ill see you already burn in ashes till you even say Fairy Tail (smirks).

-she's my partner, bestfriend, & a very special person to me (turns red). We go on missions together all the time, cooks me delicious food (drools) & lets me crash at her place...sometimes...& I think I...kinda like her (blushes madly)-

-hes the stripper, I've been talking about (rolls my eyes). We were rivals since birth, but I hate to admit it...he's one of my b-bestfriends too (shivers)-

-shes nice sometimes & a good friend but she still scares me (shivers)-

-a fellow dragon slayer & one of my nakamas (grins) also...how can she not have motion sickness! (groans)

-she loves metal head & metal head loves her (rolls my eyes) they may now kiss each other.-

-makes delicious foods too like Luce (drools). The matchmaker in Fairy tail, she thinks that me & L-Luce are a good couple (blushes and scratches neck)-

-shes inlove w/ the stripper but ice princess is to dumb to see it (shrugs) & shes pranker alright (face palm) be warned-


If you hurt one of them...you won't be able to see the daylights of tomorrow got that.? (glares hard)

Hi, my name will be remained unknown (grins) I'll tell you if your really close to me... I'm a guy ...of course....best friends with @14Lucy_Heartfilia41 (blushes) & @Gray_Fullbuster98 ask them they know my name..
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