This place is what we call 'dead'.
Here reside, two 'dead' people namely,

1. Ukyo Ibuki
First cried on 9th of February
Made to be a Japanese-Male Homo sapien
Has the ability to control a tool that helps him be famous
The holy tool is called a 'Beyblade'
His 'Beyblade' Is named Uber Unicrest Down Needle
Contains an unwavering love for cats and anything that could be considered as cute

2. Sam/Admin
Came to existence on 17th of September
Is an Indian-Female Homo sapien
Does not have any tools other than this thing called 'Laptop'
This tool assists her in her daily life
Has an undying love for cats and anything that is small and cute
Has sworn to never in her life leave this community

Let us all hope to attain sanity as we live in chaos.


Aight, I wanted to try that. And this is Sam speaking if you didn't guess already. Please tell me I sounded dramatic!
Ukyo: Yes, please. She's desperate.
Sam: When are you going to return my slippers? *sighs in frustration*
Ukyo: Never. They're mine now!
Sam: *spawns a new set of slippers out of nowhere*
Ukyo: *gasps in fear*
Sam: Bitch, you thought! *Throws the slipper at him*
Ukyo: *runs for dear life* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
Sam: *runs after him* *Throws the other one too*
Ukyo: Bitch, are you fr-?! *screaming intensifies*

Side note: Ya'll know Sam/Admin is dating her boyfriend AKA "Her Bed", So don't bother messaging, there would either be a late reply or no reply at all.

Written on- 29-04-2021
Time- 03:02 a.m. (Bro, wtf?)

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