"H-hello..! Im Ehmazu Tenko but you can call me 'Ehmz'!" A bright yet shy tone was heard from your right side and appeared to be him, smiling shyly. 

"B-but please dont hold back! You can contact/talk to me all the time!" He giggled cutely and puffed his cheeks.

"N-nice to meet ya!~♡"


Name: "Ehmazu Tenko!"

Age: "Errm.." Ehmz counted on his hands then giggled. "18!~♡"

Height: He puffed his cheeks as he whines. "Im small! Im tellin' ya!" 5'3cm

Weight: "F-fifty kilograms!" He blushed, looking down. "Im eating properly, y'know!"

Gender: "I look like a girl but Im a guy!"

Appearance: He has black eyes, brown-ish hair. He likes to wear loose clothes to make him less conscious.

Likes: "Sweets!~♡"

Dislikes: "I dont like things that arent sweet!"

Personality: "You'll know when we get close!~♡" He giggled

Sexual Orientation: "I am.." He started to be nervous. "Uhmm.." Ehmz' face flushed. "B-bi..!!" Ehmz hid his face with his hands.


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