This description is kind of long so if you don't want to see all of this stuff you can skip to the DNI section-

Questioning panromantic, aegosexual🧍🏽‍♀️
Pronouns: gender-fluid, uses all pronouns bc yes

Fandoms I'm in!:
Rottmmt (rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles) this is the one I'm mainly in btw
don't hug me I'm scared (another one of my main fandoms!)
Helluva boss
Hazbin hotel
Animation vs animator
Lego monkie kid

A hat in time
Animal crossing
Smash bros
Muse dash
Genshin impact
Cookie run ovenbreak and kingdom
Sky: children of the light
Garry's nextbots
TF2 (I'm currently learning about the lore and I find it pretty cool-)
Pizza tower

DNI IF: pedophiles and pedo supporters, nsfw supporters, entitled ppl who think they can gatekeep an entire fandom, incest supporters, people who make fun of others just because they like a certain thing, people who make jokes out of peoples death (irl people), s_icide, etc., people who ship real life people without their consent (especially if it's children) or if you like to ship them with yourself. Homophobes, racist, ppl who age up characters to ship them (depends)

THIN.ICE.LIKE TISSUE PAPER THIN: over-obsessed fans with anything ngl those ppl be weird, I don't mind furries but PLEASE don't be weird around me

wubadubadubadub true???
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